Why BigCommerce is the Best Ecommerce Platform in 2022?

ecommerce platforms Jul 04, 2021
BigCommerce is the Best Ecommerce Platform in 2022


The world of E-commerce gets immersed with options. With big competitors in the scenes, it is essential to know your options, and in this case, know why BigCommerce is the best option for your e-commerce dreams to come true.



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Understanding E-Commerce:

The shopping and marketing of products and services over the internet are known as e-commerce. E-commerce can be used in place of physical stores, while some businesses choose to keep both. Today, anything could be bought and sold through e-commerce.


A software tool that significantly facilitates businesses to manage their website, advertising, sales, and operations is an e-commerce platform.


Platforms such as BigCommerce provide significant e-commerce functionality while integrating with conventional business tools, allowing businesses to centralize their operations and run their company in their unique style.





Introducing – BigCommerce:

BigCommerce is a for-fee, hosted e-commerce system that enables business owners to create an online store and sell their items on the internet. BigCommerce is 'hosted,' which means it runs on its servers, so you don't need to pay for web hosting or install anything on your PC to use it. You can design and maintain your store from anywhere as long as you have access to a web browser and the internet.


Based on its small total cost of ownership and highly configurable APIs, BigCommerce gets regarded as an Open SaaS platform provider and a developing headless commerce provider. The platform also provides small company and startup plans with built-in features and SEO control.


The software includes various customizable templates to assist you in designing your digital store; it gets used to sell goods (physical and digital), although some tools get included to assist you in marketing your site.





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Who Can Use BigCommerce:

The platform gets primarily geared at consumers with little to no web design experience. Still, it also allows more tech-savvy users and developers to take things a step further by modifying the HTML and CSS of BigCommerce stores.


BigCommerce offers a full range of tools ranging from marketing to analytics and high-quality design options, and plenty of expert support. As a result, BigCommerce is a popular choice for organizations of all sizes, and even small businesses may profit from what it has to offer.


Businesses most commonly utilize Bigcommerce with 10-50 people and $1 million to $10 million. Larger companies, such as flydubai, a United Arab Emirates-based transportation company with 4000 workers and $1.60 billion in revenue, and Woolrich International, a United States-based retail company with 450 employees and $300.0 million in revenue, use BigCommerce for e-commerce purposes.


As you can see, there is no boundary as to who can use it; large and small companies can take advantage of BigCommerse alike.





A look into BigCommerce's Dashboard:

BigCommerce features the most exemplary dashboard and the most straightforward instructions for getting your online store up and working within a few minutes. In addition, it includes elements for handling credit cards, designing your business, and much more.


Everything is conveniently accessible via the sidebar menu, separated into a few topically linked groups. First, you can access your items, orders, and customer information. Then you can use some of BigCommerce's marketing settings, analytics, and other features to enhance the design of your business.


Adding your products is also quite simple, with all of the crucial product features visible. However, there is no need to display every aspect of an effect on a single screen; BigCommerce uses tabs, each delving into a different part of the product.



Features of BigCommerce:

When it comes to online shop builders, BigCommerce's capabilities are pretty unique — many similar online store builders need you to switch to more expensive plans or install paid-for apps to access several features.


These features imply that BigCommerce, at its entry-level monthly plan price point, potentially provides far more return on investment than many rival products. These features include:

  1. A separate internet store.

  2. Website Personalization

  3. The ability to sell an infinite amount of products, limitless bandwidth, unlimited file storage, and an endless number of staff accounts

  4. Gift vouchers and promotional codes

  5. Optimization of SEO and Analytics

  6. Reviews and rating functionality

  7. Integration of Applications

  8. Point-of-sale (pos) feature that accepts many currencies (this lets you use a BigCommerce store to sell in a physical location)

  9. Reporting that is professional

  10. Inventory and Payment Management

  11. Amp (accelerated mobile sites) feature for automatic image optimization


Let's go into a bit of depth of some of the features that BigCommerce has to offer:


·         Website Personalization - BigCommerce is a feature that enables you a great deal of customization. Customers can customize fast-loading templates with the BigCommerce Stencil upgrade framework to meet their business demands.


These pre-built adaptable templates allow you to quickly and easily create an online store that appeals to your clients and promotes your products. Stencil also enables developers to personalize shopping cart designs for greater control.


·         Inventory and Payment Management - BigCommerce accepts a wide range of third-party payment services. They specifically make transactions from big providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Pay with Amazon, etc.


This feature enables organizations to determine which service is the best fit for them based on relevant characteristics to their target audience.


·         Optimization of SEO and Analytics - BigCommerce has built-in SEO capabilities to assist businesses in increasing natural exposure. In addition, its analytics dashboard provides customers with insights and access into the success of individual pages and products.


BigCommerce sees statistics suites as a significant differentiator, and so, therefore, their team is constantly working to improve the dashboard.


·         Integration of Applications - BigCommerce connects with third-party applications and keeps a tested and certified third-party apps marketplace. As a result, businesses can obtain unique pieces or requested functionality to boost their sites thanks to an active app development community and a well-stocked app marketplace.


Although apps can enhance your store, BigCommerce has the extensive out-of-the-box capability and does not rely on third-party programs to run.



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Pros of BigCommerce:

Since we have talked about the features of BigCommerce in detail, let's give you a quick rundown of all of the pros you will get when you decide to work with BigCommerce. These pros include:


  • Each plan includes robust out-of-the-box features

  • A vast network of Agency and Technology Partners

  • With no additional transaction fees, they support over 55 payment channels

  • Universal selling capabilities, including an in-app payment for Instagram, other social media platforms

  • Customer Services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with over 85 percent of issues handled on the first phone call

  • SEO options that are extensive, such as fully configurable URLs

  • Page Builder, the visual editor with drag-and-drop functionality, does not require any coding skills


FAQs About BigCommerce:

Some commonly asked queries that the audience wants to get answered before diving into the world of BigCommerse. So here, you will get the answers you might be looking for before starting your e-commerce journey.


·         Transaction costs - Many prospective BigCommerce customers wonder about the percentage of the sales that BigCommerse takes. The incredible thing is that no trading fees apply to any BigCommerce plan. But, again, this stands in stark contrast to its main competitors.


You must, however, pay credit card transaction fees to the company you choose to process payments. These will vary according to the payment gateway you use.


·         Sales restrictions - BigCommerse has imposed sales restrictions.

o   $50,000 is the BigCommerce standard

o   $180,000 for BigCommerce Plus

o   $400,000 for BigCommerce Pro

o   BigCommerce Enterprise pricing is negotiable


If you have the 'BigCommerce Pro' plan, you can expand your sales limit by paying $150 per month for each added $200k in sales. Users can go above an extra 1,000-2,000 order limit per plan before being requested to upgrade for better results for their store.


·         Delivery Options And Regulations - BigCommerce allows you to configure several shipping rules and methods based on:

o   Rates based on weight

o   Pick up in-store

o   Rates based on price

o   Rates for free shipping

o   Rates get fixed.

o   Shipping rates from third-party carriers get updated in real-time.


BigCommerce has an advantage over other e-commerce platforms regarding third-party real-time shipping prices because you can use it on any of its plans. Still, top competitors typically require you to be on one of the more expensive ones.


·         Templates for BigCommerce - BigCommerce has a decent range of adaptable layouts which you can use to construct your online marketplace. Overall, using either the free or premium themes, you will be able to build a professional design for your BigCommerce store.


o   Free themes: There are 12 BigCommerce themes, each with several variants, so there is a lot to select from if you want to stay in the free-range.

  • Paid themes: To broaden your possibilities, try buying one of several paid BigCommerce themes. These are moderately affordable, with prices ranging from $150 to $300.


·         Product Variation  - BigCommerce's handling of product variants is a very nice perk. BigCommerce's 'product options' and 'product rules' feature allows you to create many product alternatives that go up to 250.


Its product variant limit of 600 variants of your things is also fairly generous compared to other top platforms. So, if you sell stuff in various forms, BigCommerce may be a brilliant choice.


·         The abandoned cart saving function of BigCommerce - BigCommerce's abandoned cart function is deserving of special mention; it's undoubtedly one of the best available.


You can use the service to send up to three automatic emails to site visitors who go the rest of the journey through the sales process before leaving your store without purchasing anything.


However, the BigCommerce abandoned cart saver is more versatile than its primary competitors' products, as most of them restrict the number of email marketing to one. In contrast, BigCommerce allows you to send three follow-ups.



BigCommerce iOS and Android apps:

The good news is that BigCommerce has restored a mobile app after several years without one. The new app, which is available for Android and iOS, allows you to manage your store on the road. The features of the app include:


  • With a single login, you may access all of your stores.

  • Examine your store's revenue, orders, visits, and conversion rate week by week or month by month.

  • Examine and search your store's orders, view individual order information, and change order status.

  • View and search all of your store's customers, as well as access individual customer information (including order history)

  • Customers get contacted via in-app phone and email buttons.



Pricing and Packages:

BigCommerce has four monthly price plans, as follows:

  1. Monthly fee for BigCommerce Standard: $29.95.

  2. Monthly fee for BigCommerce Plus: $79.95 per month

  3. The monthly price for BigCommerce Pro: $299.95

  4. BigCommerce Enterprise: For custom pricing, please get in touch with sales or call 1-866-991-0872.


The standard,' 'plus,' and 'pro' plans are designed for individuals and small businesses and are part of the company's "Essentials" product line.


The Enterprise package gets designed for larger enterprises and corporations with high bandwidth and advanced selling needs.


As you might anticipate, the amount of functionality you get from BigCommerce is proportional to how much you're willing to spend for it, and each plan has its own set of features.



Final Thought:

BigCommerce is a robust e-commerce platform that provides everything a new or established market needs to launch and manage an online store. BigCommerce is a solid platform with a simple UI and sophisticated built-in functionality.


If you are searching for an all-in-one e-commerce software platform, BigCommerce may be a good choice for your new or growing online store.


There are numerous motives why you should choose BigCommerce over competitors for your company. To begin, the company claims to provide beautiful storefront layouts, market-leading selling tools, and enterprise-grade site hosting and uptime.


BigCommerce provides a nice collection of online shop administration tools (such as online payment options, analytics, order fulfillment, and so on), as well as content management features, as well as hosting and security services for your online store.


We strongly recommend you to choose BigCommerce as your top e-commerce site to make your digital marketing dreams into a beautiful reality.




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