Why Kajabi is the Best Online Course Building Platform in 2022?

online course platforms Nov 15, 2021
Best Online Course Building Platform



Online courses are rapidly becoming the order of the day, and this industry will continue to grow because more people turn to online learning. Technology has made things a lot easier, with different platforms where you can create and sell online courses.

One of the most popular online course platforms is Kajabi. You have probably heard of this course building platform before. Kajabi is not like any other course building platform you’ve come across. It’s pricing, and offers are unique in an amazing way.

People are often confused about whether Kajabi is the best online course building platform or not. Interestingly, there are currently different reviews about this platform on the internet. However, most of these are rather vague and do not provide the details and information you need to make the right decision.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about Kajabi and know if it is truly the best online course building platform. All the links provided in this article are affiliate links and take you to the best and cheapest offer available on Kajabi or the other platforms mentioned here.


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About Kajabi

Kajabi is an online platform where you can build and run an online course, membership website, coaching program, or even community website. It is currently used by different creators, including big names like Brendan Burchard and Amy Porterfield.

Kajabi makes it easier for creators to host online programs and professionally make them available to students in different parts of the world. The platform will also let you run a blog, automate email marketing, create marketing funnels, and create a fully-fledged website. With almost all online course building platforms, other than Kajabi, you might need Bluehost wordPress or ClickFunnels to run a blog, create landing pages, and funnels. You might also need ConvertKit or Hubspot tools for your email marketing with other online course platforms. This is where Kajabi stands out, as it does not need any other tool to complete it.

Kajabi was designed to let users create and run online course businesses from a single platform. The platform also eliminates the need to use different services or plugins.


Features for Creators

Kajabi is one of the best online course building platforms for many reasons. One of these is the fact that it offers different content for creators.

Here’s an overview of these features:

  • Create awesome and engaging online courses with quizzes, videos, pdfs, and more.
  • Build a website with a blog for your brand
  • Create a community forum for members and students.
  • Make a membership website and get paid monthly by your members.
  • Use the native course player to professionally deliver course content
  • Build and manage affiliate programs
  • Charge with different payment options
  • CRM tools and email marketing automation
  • Build different sales funnels, including webinar funnels, magnet funnels, product launch funnel, and more.

There are so many interesting things about Kajabi. Most importantly is the fact that the team handles everything, including maintenance, updates, and security. This allows users to focus on creating and selling more online courses. Another interesting thing is that Kajabi is not a marketplace, and as such, you have full control over the price of the courses you create, from free to million dollars courses. This is the biggest limitation of all marketplace course builders, like Udemy.





Course Creation and Engagement

The only job you have when you join Kajabi is to create a great learning experience for students. Member engagement and content delivery at Kajabi is simple and can be achieved through the following processes:

  • Content uploading and structuring
  • Course player and content delivery
  • Quizzes and certification
  • Community and user discussions
  • Drip/lock course content
  • Kajabi automations

All these are better described below:


1.    Content Uploading and Structuring

Uploading content and structuring them is very easy at Kajabi. The platform offers what is called Product Blueprints, which is also a pre-made structure that can be used for different types of digital products. This product blueprint also makes it easier for creators to structure their online courses and get started quickly.

After selecting the product blueprint, a sample structure will be created for your course, with posts and categories added by default. It is important to note that the lessons and modules at Kajabi are called Posts and Categories, respectively. Also, the post contains the actual content, while the categories will help you organize them well.

Adding new content and organizing posts and categories on Kajabi is easy. You can also add different contents, including assessments, pdf, text, downloads, and videos. Kajabi also offers a very flexible course builder that allows users to add multiple contents. Also, downloading content on this platform is easy and straightforward. You can either use Google Drive or Dropbox.

The whole process of creating and uploading courses in Kajabi is intuitive and easy, requiring no technical skill or third-party solutions.


2.    Course Player and Content Delivery

Unlike other course platforms that only offer a single theme, Kajabi offers more than 10 product themes. What’s amazing is that you can choose different themes for each product. Therefore, whether you run a membership site, do online coaching, or teach evergreen courses, you can choose themes that suit your needs.

You can also customize these themes as you want, and they will help you get started quickly. The themes will also add a touch of uniqueness to your online program and make it stand out from your others.

An example of themes you’d find is the Premier Theme, which is well designed. Another example is the Momentum Theme, which is easy to navigate, thanks to the traditional design it has. There are so many other beautiful examples, and what’s common with them all is that they are mobile-friendly.

Kajabi also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, making it easier for students to access the contents. The bottom line is that Kajabi course delivery is optimized to give students the best experience.


3.    Quizzes and Assessments

Kajabi offers a tool that helps to improve engagement and add value to courses. This tool is called Assessments. The tool will let you create quizzes and add them to your online courses. Students will be graded after completing these quizzes. The quizzes can be multiple-option questions, paragraph style questions, or multiple-choice questions.

The option to upload files is also made available, allowing students to make submissions for easy assessments. The Assessment tool is super flexible, and it can help you get feedback from students while learning.


4.    Community and User Discussions

Kajabi will let you add a comments section to your lessons and also create an online forum on the platform. This feature is called Community, and you can use it as a membership site or a standalone product.

Members can access the Community from their dashboard. They can also discuss anything in this Community. Members will also get notified through the mobile app or email whenever someone participates in the discussion.

Creating the Community is easy, and it has a clean and modern design. You can also create topics for members to discuss in this Community. Another feature is the Member Directory page that allows members to view each other and communicate privately.


5.    Drip/Lock Course Content

The Drip feature is available on most online course platforms. It will let you release the course content in batches or at regular intervals. With this feature, you won’t have to give your members immediate access to your content; rather, you’d release everything according to a schedule.

The Lock feature is another awesome feature you’d find on Kajabi. It helps to improve student’s focus on a course. With this feature, students can only continue to the next course after they complete their current lesson.


6.    Kajabi Automations

This is another exciting feature of Kajabi. Automations will let you create rules that will prompt you to take action with respect to different triggers. An example of this is when a student is inactive for a while, the automation will let you send a reminder to prompt them to return to the platform.

You can also use the automation feature to send learning materials to your students, especially those that fail an assessment.





Website Design and Customization

For your online course business to succeed, you need a great website. Kajabi will let you build the type of website your brand needs. What’s amazing is that you can do this on the platform. Here’s how the platform performs in terms of site design and customization:

  • Hosting security and updates
  • Website themes
  • Page builder
  • Blogging capability

Read on to know more about these points.


1.     Hosting Security and Updates

Kajabi will provide you with all you need to build a great website. It will also let you save more, and you won’t have to buy a different hosting plan or upgrade your hosting to increase traffic. By default, your site will point to the Kajabi domain, but this can be customized.

Another important feature is the SSL certificate the platform provides for free. This is automatically enabled on every page, and you won’t have to follow the setup process.


2.     Website Themes

To make the whole site-building process easier, Kajabi offers pre-designed themes for you to install. These themes determine what your website will look like and help you quickly and easily build a beautiful website.

The theme feature is also called the website builder, and you’d have access to six different website themes. What’s amazing is that they all have a modern and clean design, making them look great and unique. You can also customize themes as soon as you install them. Kajabi also allows users to import custom themes.


3.     Page Builder

Kajabi allows users to create pages and customize their website with the help of its Page Builder. The page builder is a drag and drop editor that will let you front end changes to your website. It is also well designed and has a clean interface to give users the best experience.

With the settings options on the page builder, you can set your preferred font size, fonts, color, and so on. You can also create different sections with the page builder. Kajabi offers more than 40 pre-built sections, all of which serve different purposes. Examples of these sections are the add pricing tables, multi-column layout that show features, add an opt-in form, show your blog posts, etc.

Kajabi’s page builder also makes it easier for users to modify and update different elements on each page. You can also remove elements from pages and make changes as you like. The page builder is fully responsive on both mobile and desktop devices. It is also flexible and offers different editing options, all of which are easy to use.


4.     Blogging Capability

You can easily create and add blogs to your website with Kajabi. Adding and posting new content to your site is also easier. You can also define SEO settings for your blog pages and place them in different categories. Kajabi is known for making customization easier, which is why the layout design of each blog page can be customized.




Sales and Marketing

Kajabi uses a different approach for sales and marketing. Other course building platforms provide features that will sell your course and process payment. Kajabi on the other hand uses a suite of tools that will build your audience and take care of your market on the platform.

Here are the offers that enhance sales and marketing on the platform:

  • Product pricing options
  • Checkout and payments
  • Sales pipeline builder
  • Email marketing tools
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • Third-party integrations


1.     Product Pricing Options

Selling online courses on Kajabi is only possible after creating an Offer. Interestingly, it is easy to create and offers flexibility for product pricing. You can use different pricing options for your course. It can be a payment plan, a subscription, a one-time payment, or you make the course free.

Kajabi also allows the use of different currencies, including GBP, AUD, USD, CAD, etc. The platform will also let you give your customers access to products after they have paid for them. You can also set dates when they can start their course. This enhances course pre-selling and makes it easier for every student to start the course at once.

It is worth mentioning that the option to restrict members is also available, and as such, you can restrict them as soon as their access to the course expires. Kajabi also allows users to create coupons, of which you can create different codes.


2.     Checkout and Payments

This feature also enhances course selling on Kajabi. It allows users to create high-converting and well-designed checkout pages. With these pages, students or members don’t have to create an account before completing their payments. You also have full control of the type of information you want to collect from your customers. Abandoned carts can also be tracked easily.

For payment processing, different payment options can be integrated into the platform. Therefore, you can integrate payment options like PayPal and Stripe. It is important to note that Kajabi charges no transaction fee. Also, payments are sent out immediately.


3.     Sales Pipeline Builder

This is a game-changer because it is the fastest and easiest way to build funnels, especially for people with no marketing knowledge. What’s amazing is that you can also build a complete funnel while remaining on the Sales Pipeline Builder. Another important feature is the ability to create standalone landing pages to sell your courses and also for lead generation.

Interestingly, there are more than 20 well-designed and customizable landing page templates you can choose from.


4.     Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing on Kajabi involves more than sending emails to members and subscribers. You can create an automated email sequence that is sent based on certain actions. Different emails can also be added to this sequence.

Another way to create effective marketing campaigns on Kajabi is by creating segments and tagging users. This will also help you manage your subscribers. Kajabi automation is awesome, and it will let you automate your email marketing.


5.     Affiliate Marketing Tools

This tool will let you promote your online courses. Kajabi offers features that will help you create and manage affiliate programs. These features will also let you add affiliates that will share your course through affiliate share links. The affiliate marketing tools are an amazing way to get your course to different students.


6.     Third-Party Integrations

Kajabi can be integrated with other email marketing solutions, even though it is a powerful and reliable email marketing tool on its own. There are five different email marketing tools you can use. This includes Hubspot, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and GetResponse.

Kajabi can also be integrated with Zapier to make it easier to build indirect integrations with other marketing tools.





Reporting and Administration

There are different options to manage your course, learners, and website, and it includes the following:

  • Reporting and analytics tools
  • People management
  • User roles and privileges


1.     Reporting and Analytics Tools

Kajabi offers reporting tools for your sales transactions and your courses. There is a section in the admin dashboard containing reports that will let you track opt-ins, affiliate sales, revenue, page views, and more.

Each report on this platform is well designed. You can also filter reports by offer or by date. The analytics features are also handy and will let you track different metrics.


2.     People Management

Kajabi has a section that will let you locate and manage users. This section is called the People section, and you can import many through this section. You can also grant users access to your offer through the People section.

There are different filters that will let you manage all your users on Kajabi, and you can filter users based on the course or product they enroll for.


3.     User Roles and Privileges

You can add Admin Users on Kajabi. This is a very handy feature, and there are three different user roles.

  • Assistants: Can modify or delete contents but lack access to financial reports
  • Administrators: Cannot handle payment integrations but can do everything the owner can do
  • Support Specialist: Can manage students and moderate comments.





Customer Support

One major reason why Kajabi is the best online course building platform is its excellent support. Kajabi offers 24/7 live chat support, unlike other course building platforms that do not make this offer. Therefore, whenever you are faced with a challenge, you can rest assured that you will receive prompt answers from the support team.

Another strategy that is used in providing support for users is the tutorials in the platform. There are different learning materials on the platform that will show you how to do things. The search bar is also there to assist you in finding things with ease.

One important customer support feature is Kajabi Hero, and you won’t find this on any other platform. This program rewards creators after they reach certain revenue goals.

Kajabi also has a Facebook community with over 22k members. Rest assured that you will get answers to your questions in this Community.




Pricing Plans

There are three different pricing plans on this platform, and they offer a 0% transaction fee, unlimited video hosting, and unlimited bandwidth. The pricing plans include:

  • The basic plan
  • The growth plan
  • The pro plan

The lowest tier is the Basic Plan, which starts at $149 per month. This tier will let you create up to 3 Sales Pipelines and 3 Products.

The Growth Plan is the next pricing plan, and it starts at $199 per month. This plan will let you create more pipelines and products. You’ll also have more members on your website with this pricing plan. The Growth Plan comes with two added features, which are Automations and Affiliate Marketing. These features are not available on the Basic Plan.

The Pro Plan is the last pricing plan, and it starts at $399 per month. There are more features on the Growth plan, including features not in the other two plans. It is important to note that Kajabi offers a 14-day free trial for you to have a feel of what the platform offers.





Kajabi vs. Competition

There are different course building platforms out there. Here’s a comparison between Kajabi and these platforms to show you why Kajabi is a better option:


Kajabi vs. Thinkific

Thinkific is also a leading online course platform that allows people to host their content. There are so many features on the platform, but unlike Kajabi, it has only one course player theme. Also, the platform does not have a mobile app and is not as flexible as Kajabi. Another aspect where Kajabi is better is in sales and marketing. Thinkific lacks email automation capabilities and sales funnel building. And the last but not least, Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that provides community, webinars, membership, and coaching program, in addition to online course building capabilities, whereas Thinkific has been designed for course building only.


Kajabi vs. Teachable

Teachable is also a popular course building platform where you will find all the features that will help you create online courses. However, the options from this platform are limited, unlike Kajabi. For example, you cannot build a community for your users with this platform.

Also, you can’t automate email marketing, or build landing pages and sales funnels with Teachable, unlike Kajabi.


Kajabi vs. Kartra

Kartra is one of the best marketing platforms to using in creating membership sites, just like Kajabi. However, Kartra lacks a funnel builder, unlike Kajabi. Therefore, the funnel creation process can be an arduous task with Kartra.

Kajabi is also a better option to use if you want to enjoy better course creation and engagement.





Kajabi is undoubtedly the best online course building platform to use. It offers more than 10 course player themes, unlimited video hosting, Android/iOS mobile app, and more. You can also create community forums, drip your content, add surveys and quizzes, and more.

What’s amazing is that Kajabi will help you create online courses and let you build websites. The platform will also let you build marketing funnels, automate email marketing and run a blog.

There are different marketing features on the platform including Automations, and Sales Pipeline Builder, both of which are game-changers. You might think the pricing is on the high side at first sight, but with the features it offers, the pricing is one of the best you’d get for those features.

Get started with the 14-day free trial for a first-hand feel of all the features of this platform. Rest assured that Kajabi will give you the best experience.


You can try Kajabi for free here! 









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