7 Best Platforms to Make Online Courses in 2022

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Best Platforms to Make Online Courses in 2021


Are you looking to start an exciting career teaching course online?

If you are, there are a plethora of online platforms to choose from but if you don’t have the time to check out all of them, we’ve narrowed it down to the top seven based on everything that you need from an online platform for making an online course, as below:


1. Kajabi: Best all-in-one course platform, no need to get anything else

2. Learnworlds: Best for Premium, Interactive Learning Experiences

3. Learndash: Best LMS for WordPress Users

4. Kartra: A premium all-in-one platform with capabilities far beyond courses

5. ThinkificA premium all-in-one platform with a reasonable price

6. Podia: Best for Digital Downloads and Webinars

7. Teachable: Best Online Course Platform for Beginners 




In recent years more and more people have chosen to take their studies online. For obvious reasons like convenience, the need for online studies continues to become more and more necessary.

If you are considering entering this virtual space as an online teacher then it is best to become familiar with the platforms that can lend you the most assistance when it comes to functionality. 

There are many reasons to consider using an online platform for conducting or making an online course. The reasons include:


  • you will create an asset that is yours and this means you’ll be able to manage your business and give it your all since you won’t have to worry about a lot of things associated with traditional courses.
  • If done right, over time your platform will grow and become a steady source of income for you and a sought-after resource by online learners.

  • Online platforms also help you to extend your traditional reach and you can source clients from all over the world. It is an investment worth exploring. The outlook for online platforms for education is extremely high.

  • Recent information coming out of the industry shows that by 2025 it may be worth over $325 billion.


As exciting as that sounds there are many online platforms available but not all are created the same and some may not suit your type of education.

Also, you want to consider things like how the platform can help you bring in new students or how it can help you maximize your earning potential if you already have a steady stream of students.

There are also a variety of platforms to choose from and you will need to know which one is most suited to your business.

For example, do you need a Standalone platform or an All-in-One platform?

With a Standalone platform, you will have to create your own website and handle your own marketing while with an All-in-One you can get everything you need in one place including website and marketing.

There are many advantages to choosing to use an online platform, but the problem lies with knowing how to choose the right one.

We have gathered what we believe are the top seven platforms that you should consider if you are considering going online with a course.

They are ranked in order and we will explore why each platform that was chosen has been given its ranking.




1. Kajabi



At the top of our list is Kajabi. With Kajabi you get unlimited access to marketing aides including emails to help your business.

You also get access to your own website and the site is extremely easy to use for both you and your students. That means no time will be wasted or lost on trying to figure out the logistics of the website by you or your students.

Kajabi uses required integrations with Aweber, Mailchimp, and Active Campaign so if you already have a mailing list, it can be integrated into your site.



  • Probably one of the most stand-out features of Kajabi is the fact that they help you through the entire process including helping you to create a great landing page which is essential when it comes to attracting new students.

  • They also assist with showing you how to go about securing sales so that you understand how to get more secure customers rather than just potential ones.

  • They also excel when it comes to email marketing and as an All-in-One site, you can do everything from the platform. This is a noticeably big bonus for any online platform owner as you won’t have to worry about switching in between platforms to run your business.

  • This platform gives you more time to focus on the courses that you will offer.

  • They round off an overall top site there is a very functional blog space which we know is a potent factor when it comes to attracting new clientele online.

  • Kajabi does all this without losing any aesthetic appeal and can really be useful for anyone considering a career in online education.

  • What also sets them apart from the other online platforms is that it is very user friendly even for people who have little experience running websites.

  • Kajabi even offer templates that you can use for different aspects of your business. For attracting new customers, you can use a mini-course template, you can design one for your more comprehensive courses and you can even include membership-based products.

  • There is also unlimited video hosting, and you can set up homework assignments drop off. Kajabi’s pipeline system helps you to link several of the services you offer in one place.

  • Any platform that takes away the headache of having to learn multiple functions to run a site and helps you to focus more on the job that you want to do is a winner.

  • Despite the vast array of features and functionalities Kajabi provides, it is incredibly newbie friendly.



  • This platform has reasonable pricing that starts at $119 per month and for full features can go up to $319.00 per month. This platform is number one on the list because of the simplicity it offers at a reasonable price.

  • Kajabi offers several handy templates to help you create. If you want to try them out to see if it is for you, Kajabi also offers a 28-day-free-trial.




If you need to know more about Kajabi and its features, here is another blog post that we have about Kajabi:

Why Kajabi is the Best Online Course Building Platform in 2021?




 Try Kajabi For Free Here!





2. LearnWorlds



LearnWorlds is a powerful tool that is compatible with every user and easy to use.

LearnWorlds is a cloud-based learning platform designed professionally to meet the need of leading entrepreneurs, professionals, and training managers in an efficient and convenient way.



  • The LearnWorlds is a liable and extremely beneficial tool that can be wholly customized and can be further used to train employees, individuals, to acknowledge customers about various things or sell a variety of courses to the visitors.

  • The purpose of LearnWorlds is to help individuals and groups of members. By utilizing this platform and educating themselves with diverse knowledge, they will be able to achieve their desired goals.

  • This e-learning platform is totally compatible with turning companies and institutes.



Their price plan consists of four parts. The four parts are described as follows:

  • Starter - This course is designed for the individual or group members who are new in creating courses. They can purchase this plan for $24/month.

  • Pro Trainer - This plan is designed to facilitate professionals and great team members. So, this plan is compatible with them. The plan can be purchased at a price of $79/month.

  • Learning Center - This plan is designed for trainers giving training to employees and individuals working together. This plan is available at a price of $249/month.

  • High Volume Corporate.

To know about the High-Volume Corporate plan pricing, you can contact LearnWorlds at the US: +1 855 8999555 (toll-free) and the UK: +44 11 6464 9900.



 Try LearnWorlds for free!




 3. LearnDash



LearnDash is a coherent and well-developed WordPress plugin developed to integrate with the website. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly start up a learning program through your websites.

LearnDash is more than just a plugin. It is successfully running various learning programs for major leading universities, entrepreneurs, and well-known bloggers throughout the World and can successfully sell to a vast audience.



  • This platform is suitable for everyone.

  • Whether you are a developer, run an educational institute or a training organization, LearnDash will mold itself to meet your requirement and serve you as per your needs.

  • This platform helps to Engage learners using the best of e-learning.

  • Learndash creates a distraction-free environment for learners.



LearnDash consists of 3 plans.

The following are the pricing plan which one can buy as per their expertise and requirements: 

  • The basic package is available at a rate of $159. This plan is suitable for one website facilitating you with unlimited users' features, and you can upload unlimited courses.

  • The Plus Package is available at the price of $189. This plan is compatible with up to 10 websites.

  • You get the facility of Pro Panel upon the purchase of this plan. This plan is available for $329.This plan will license up to 25 websites. On purchasing this plan, you will also get access to the Pro panel.



 Try LearnDash for Free Here!





4. Kartra



Kartra is another platform that uses drag and drops technology which means it is very user-friendly. Kartra is known to be pure cloud software. You just need an internet connection to use it through web browsing.

The platform also shines when it comes to helping with sales. Mostly because of their huge catalog of templates which include pages like coming soon where you can let your potential students know what to look forward to.

These templates also include a pre-written sale copy that you can use. You can also take advantage of the customer support help desk tool which will help when you must deal with customers.



  • Kartra can help newcomers learn how to create sales as it features an amazingly easy to use sales builder.

  • You will have access to a course creation tool and help with marketing your course which is essential to keeping your business thriving.

  • The marketing aspect of this platform is quite impressive, and you won’t have to worry about attracting business if you follow the guides.

  • Karta ensures that your marketing and sales are given the right attention.

  • This platform features building a professional page and figure out using a course hosting platform.



The platform costs between $99 to $499. You can get a feel for the platform with a $1 14-day trial. If you choose to pay one for one of the plans on an annual plan, you’ll be able to get a 25% discount.



 Try Kartra For Free Here!




5. Thinkific (Recommended)



Thinkific is another All-in-One learning platform that is easy to use. The company has claimed that they have helped over 30, 000 people to create sites for online learning. Many entrepreneurs trust Thinkific for exceptional student experiences!



  • Thinkific offers a lot of advice on how to market and get your courses sold which is a big plus for newcomers.

  • Thinkific is a platform that simplifies the process for newbies.

  • They offer the potential for an unlimited number of students as well as showing you how to build and customize a home page for sales.

  • One of the interesting features of Thinkific is that you also get help to learn about giving quizzes and even badges to students who are performing well.

  • They also offer a wide range of templates and a community forum for your students.

  • The platform aims to help you get up and running almost immediately and helps you to create compelling material that students would enjoy.


The course builder aspect of this platform is especially useful, and you can upload a course to your page which will feature both on the main page of the site. Even though you do not have to be extremely tech-savvy some knowledge of CSS and HTML will help when it comes to creating branding pages.



  • Even though they offer no transaction fees, you do have to pay ten percent of your course profits.

  • There are no transaction fees for any of their plans (including the free plan) but they take a 10% cut of your course profits.

  • You can also start your course for free before upgrading.

  • It costs between $99 a month and $499 a month.

  • There is a basic plan for $49.




 Try Thinkific for free!





6. Podia



Another particularly useful platform is Podia. Like the previously mentioned platforms, it is top-ranked because of its great user-friendly format.

Podia includes everything which needs to be created, marketed, and to sell online courses. One can easily consolidate the workflow, helps to save time, and you can pay just once.



  • This platform has Fast & secure payment collection.

  • Podia is specifically designed for helping you facilitate your online courses so there is little worry about your site becoming cluttered with other e-commerce features.

  • They help you to get set up quickly and focus on the content that you wish to offer.

  • It is one of the simplest platforms to set up on and to get started with.

  • Your website will be made to look professional and this, in turn, should help you to get more students.

  • It also features an inbuilt course player, along with unlimited access to hosting videos.

  • Podia includes Unlimited hosting.



  • Podia ranges from $39 per month to $79 per month.

  • Both options are named, for $39 you get access to the Mover plan which helps you to set up some features like email marketing and digital downloads.

  • From a business aspect, this platform does not charge any transaction fees. You get access to even more exciting features with the other tier called the Shaker plan.

  • You can try a 14-day free trial before committing to the platform. Also, for this site, you do not need a credit card While there is no direct deposit facility on the site, you can use PayPal or Stripe for collection.




 Try Podia for Free Here!




7. Teachable



Another very handy platform that aids the user is Teachable. The great thing about using this platform is that most of the tools that you need to start building your course are already provided. That means if you have your materials ready all you really need to do is upload by following the instructions.



  • Teachable is a great online course for newbies as it uses a drag and drop method which means you don’t have to be incredibly tech-savvy to use it.

  • This is great for an educator because he/she can now focus on conducting their courses without having to figure out complex issues like coding.

  • Another important aspect of Teachable is their assistance with the sales part of your course.

  • They offer an all-in-one space for you to receive payments.

  • Teachable is an ultimate platform also features its own payment portal. You can also create a blog on your profile.

  • As with teachable online platforms, you can add videos, texts and you can also receive comments from your students. What is fantastic about this is that all these features can be accessed on one page. 

  • Teachable also offers a unique checkout page that shows a breakdown of what each student is paying and students are also aware of what they are paying for. This makes your service seems more credible.

  • This platform is great for entrepreneurs and educators who have little knowledge about website management and marketing.

All of this comes with access to promotional emails to keep your business growing steadily.



  • Basic - $29 Per Month (Billed annually)

  • Pro - $99 Per month (Billed annually)

  • Business - $249 Per Month (Billed annually)




Try Teachable for Free Here!







Choosing the right online platform does not have to be difficult once you have all the information necessary to make the right decision.


With the help of online courses, one can easily launch a hustle-free, boost up the confidence level, can get help to learn, and teach students the right way to get through any topic!


You can upload any of your content from any platform which can also be beneficial in training students and helps to generate sales.


 For those who might be interested in the way we determined the points and ranking for these platforms, here is the complete table:





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