Unbounce: The 2022 Conversion Benchmark Report

landing page Jun 14, 2021

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We all realize that each entrepreneur wishes higher-end results for his or her specific businesses. However, a maximum of them isn’t sure how to get them, and it gets irritating at times; despite everything investments and hard work you put in, your enterprise doesn't produce the result you're waiting for. It yields it sincerely a loss and discourages you from moving forward. But when you have a guide that directs you on the way to go, you will get it right, up and running.


So, that is when the 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report from Unbounce comes to resolve the problem for you. But before we review more about the 2021 conversion benchmark report, let me explain what Unbounce is.




Unbounce is a famous landing web page builder software since 2009 that generates leads and optimizes conversion rates. It comes with numerous conversion optimization capabilities like Dynamic Text Replacement, AMP Landing Pages, Smart Traffic, Popup and Sticky Bars, and extra. It has supported entrepreneurs and all groups to generate additional conversions online through mediums like PPC ads, email campaigns, social media marketing, etc.




Unbounce has released a Conversion report recently, and they investigated more than 44 thousand landing pages and more than 33 million conversions. It's a marketing report that makes simple improvements and helps marketers make the most significant adjustments. The report is simple and straightforward to read and understand, and it will save you time and money. Unbounce has added several color code diagrams and multiple charts that are easy to understand to make the report much more enjoyable.





  1. Benchmarks are a type of competitive intelligence that allows you to spot gaps between your overall performance and what your company deems to be an excellent conversion rate. It is time-saving and will enable you to track which practices are supported by data and which aren't. It aids in the recognition of progress gaps so that you can fill the gap between your presentations.

  2. Unbounce doesn't believe that new technology belongs totally to enterprise-sized or massive agencies. They empower small and medium-sized organizations who're quick on time, money, and expertise to take on the massive agencies and win.

  3. The Conversion Benchmark Report carries dozens of insights backed up and may be helpful to build versions and improve your conversion rates. They give you the accepted procedures in the business to ensure that you don't need to rehearse traffic testing and save a bunch of your effort and time.

  4. Using A/B testing or being brief on time or traffic, with Unbounce's Smart Traffic, you can have variants running nowadays based upon learnings within the report.

  5. Using Smart Traffic (or conventional checking out), Unbounce advocates marketers create variants around a number of those insights. If you examine that your pages can be too long, construct a shorter version and notice how it does.

  6. Unbounce benchmark report, combined with the AI, gives you noteworthy bits of knowledge and assists you with rolling out innovative improvements for high conversion. AI-powered Smart Traffic is best for small agencies.

  7. Pages powered with the aid of using Smart Traffic see a mean increase in conversions of 30% compared to an A/B test, primary Year-over-Year Themes in the Data, and Broader Themes.




Unbounce has come up with best practices for optimizing conversion rate by analyzing 16 unique industries of landing pages and their conversion in this report. The report has enterprises like e-commerce, Education, SaaS, Business, Services, Finance and Insurance, Agencies, and some more. 




Whether you work in human resources or transportation and logistics, you need landing pages to communicate. Paid to search can help you boost traffic to your lead pages if you're in the business of providing services.

However, the conversion rate of individuals arriving from search engines to social media is approximately double that of individuals coming from search engines. As a result, you should focus on social media traffic rather than search engine traffic.



Try Unbounce for Free Here!

By using our affiliate link above you will also get 20% off of the first 3 months or 20% off an annual plan.




According to the data, most visitors to the Education site come from paid Search advertisements; nevertheless, they do not convert. According to Unbounce Research, college students are more likely to sign up on social media networks. Maximum emotions are associated with lower conversions, according to Unbounce research. Your landing page can be improved by having a short and simple copy.



Visitors from emails convert through forms in the Saas industry. People who click on search advertisements are far less likely to convert, so think twice before spending money on ad campaigns.


The SaaS company excels in email marketing and has the highest conversion rate for selling apps. Last year, Unbounce noted that effective SaaS websites are quick and easy to understand. This is still true, especially for those who promote mobile apps.


These were the few industries for details about your industry, and you could download the 2021 conversion benchmark report from the Unbounce website.




Instapage has helped entrepreneurs create stunning landing pages since 2012. It is especially famous for landing web page creators due to its ease of use.


The following are the main differences between Instapage and Unbounce:


  •  Unbounce is less expensive, starting at $79 per month, but Instapage is more costly, starting at $149 per month.

  • Unbounce offers more customization possibilities, whereas Instapage works right out of the box with more detailed landing pages.

  •  Unbounce offers unlimited landing pages to unlimited users, while Instapage has a restriction of only 30 visitors per month.

Instapage is mainly used as an alternative for Unbounce, whereas Unbounce is always the first choice for business owners and marketers.


According to Instapage website, small business customers should find alternatives to get affordable pricing on another platform as they have drastically increased the plans pricing. Unbounce has been ranked as one of the best platforms in the same category by Instapage, but with reasonable pricing. This could be a great opportunity for Unbounce to absorb more small business customers as they cannot afford the high cost of Instapage platform but they still need the same level of quality and quantity, and Unbounce provides that expected quality.


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