7 Best Webinar Platforms in 2022

webinar platforms Feb 11, 2021
7 Best Webinar Platforms in 2021

Webinars have become a popular form of content distribution for many companies and institutions.


One of the prime reasons for webinars is the emergence of the global pandemic (COVID -19). During quarantine, almost all businesses have shifted to an online webinar format to promote their products and get audience engagement.


Even before COVID -19, webinars were popular. Webinars help us to reach an audience that is far beyond the reach of regular seminars. National and international attendees can now tune in for webinars that they otherwise would not be able to attend.


Webinars are an excellent format to hold on to. Even when life restores, webinars would still have a newfound respect. People will move towards webinars more than ever.



Let’s discuss the top seven webinar software available in 2021:

1. Demio – Best webinar platform for all business categories

2. WebinarNinja – Best platform for selling webinars and classes

3. Livestorm – Best platform for business webinars and conferences

4. GetResponse – Best online platform for smart e-mail marketing

5. Clickmeeting – Best online webinar and conference site for business and education

6. Learnworlds – Best platform to create host and sell webinars and classes

7. Onestream – Best streaming platform that supports 40+ sites



1. Demio


Demio is easy to access, no download webinar website that’s catered to marketers and their customers. It can be used to showcase the latest products to valued customers around the globe. It is a cloud-based site that allows you to have a smooth, distraction-free experience.

Demio allows the users to brand their logos on the webinar to remove any sort of distraction. It has a seamless design that captures the attention of the audience. Not only that, there are options available for interference.


Pros and Features

1. Branding: Demio delivers what it promises. It helps you to keep your brand at the front and center of attention. It means that the audience knows who is in charge of the webinar at all times. It also helps you to broadcast and advertise your company’s voice.


2. Presentations: Another function of Demio is the options available for webinar streaming. You can choose from the five highly effective streaming options to adjust webinars to your preference. The five options are: 

  • Live – Showcase yourself and your products live with this standard live feature (HD streaming).
  • Series – Get people to register themselves for live, scheduled sessions.
  • Hybrid – A combination of both live Pre-recorded sessions.
  • Automated Event – This feature allows the user to generate events that are on autopilot, accompanied by Pre-recorded events and other activated features.
  • On-Demand – Allows the Pre-recorded presentation to play at any time given.


3. Registration: Users can set up registration options for the sessions using beautiful and simple-looking registration forms that are addable anywhere for easy access.


4. Hassle-free joining: Users can join in the session with just one click. It allows the users to be a part of your session without following any unnecessary lengthy setups or sign in.


5. Quality live stream: Demio provides the users HD live stream to give the audience the best quality webinar.


6. Marketing tactics: Demio wants to broadcast the voice of your company. To do that, Demio gives different features: 

  • The registration form is addable anyplace.

  • Easy collection of information of registered people.

  • Email notifications to the registered audience to let them know the details of the webinar.

  • Export and manage contacts available for marketing to them.


7. Engagement with the audience: Once the webinar starts, Demio allows the host of the webinar to maximize audience engagement. It includes:  


  • Chat Options – Viewers can interact with each other through public and private chats. It allows the users to initiate conversations and engagement.

  • Polls – Poles are the best way to articulate the audience’s response; which is achievable Demio. The audience can vote on the polls in real-time to extend the conversation and talk statistically.

  • Addition of links – The user can add any links they want the audience to have access to during the webinar to reduce any hassle.

  • Download and Upload file - The host has the option to provide any type of document to the audience. The content can be easily uploaded and downloaded by the audience while staying in the webinar window.

  • Q and A – Q and A’s can become a mess quickly during webinars. To have a smooth session, Demio has live Q and A organization available so the host does not miss any questions the audience has.

  • Mentions – When someone in the audience wants to address someone, they can easily mention their username and @ them with ease.

  • Giving the voice to Others – The audience can also voice their opinions, literally, by the host’s permission and by turning on their mic.


8. Recordings of the webinar: Don’t stress about losing the prized live stream; Demio has your back with the option of session recording and sharing it with the audience.


9. Other features: Demio has 24/7 customer service, powerful streaming service, up notch security, and step by step instructions for setting up.


10. Pricing: There are 3 main categories;

  • Starter ($34/m) (50 attendee room) – For small businesses and independent creators.

  • Growth ($69/m) (150 attendee room) – Popular package with more tools, custom branding, and automated events.

  • Business ($163/m) (500 attendee room) – It is the package is for a large business that requires a large platform.

  • Annual payment – Save 30% on the chosen package.



It does not support a large gathering/audience. The maximum capacity is 500 people, which is only available via the largest payment. You basically have to pay for that to increase your audience size, but generally speaking all webinar platforms have some type of similar limitation anyways.


Try Demio for free here!




2. WebinarNinja



Webinar ninja is an all-access tool for consultants, coaches, and independent creators. Its function is to provide a space for hosting webinars for people in the most fun, engaging and unique way.

WebinarNinja is a close competitor of Demio. It provides a platform for independent creators to broadcast their products and sell their sessions in an organized and professional way.


Pros and Features

1. User Friendly: WebinarNinja provides an optimal environment that aims to be user friendly. It has the following features to cater to the needs of the users; 

  • PITA free webinars.

  • Joining webinars is just one click away.

  • Easy access to everyone.


2. Presentation: WebinarNinja provides four options to display your contents on the webinars;

  • Live – Classic live stream to your audience with no delay and more intimacy.

  • Automated – Pre-recorded webinars to entertain the audience when you cannot be in attendance.

  • Series – Make the audience coming back for more to get a chance to be a part of courses and summits.

  • Hybrid – It’s a blend of live and automated presentation.


3. Marketing: WebinarNinja helps you to market the webinar to your audience. It has various features that encourage the audience to attend the webinars.

  • Built-in e-mails – Connect with the audience by sending them automated e-mails, informing them of the details.

  • Built-in landing pages – Create landing pages to attract the audience with information and offers about you and your webinar.

  • Integration – Integrate your webinars with the CRM and e-mail software of your choosing.

  • Analytics – WebinarNinja provides you with stats and registration analytics.


4. Interaction and Engagement – WebinarNinja wants the users to interact with the audience. To make sure that happens, WebinarNinja has many remarkable features;


  • Handouts – provide your audience the necessary documents by uploading them to the site directly, where they can easily download them.

  • Multifunction Chats – The audience can interact with the host and the other audience members with ease through the chat. They can talk privately and publically with each other.

  • Audience Presentation – The audience gets a chance in the webinar too! The audience can talk and provide the audience their presentation as well.

  • Paid webinars – Curate your webinar payments with no hitch or hassle.

  • Polls – Let the numbers speak by placing interactive poles in between the webinars to catch engagement.


5. Excellent Customer support: If things are not going smoothly, it is easy to reach out to the customer service team of WebinarNinja. They have a 24/7 customer service with a 4.7 minute response time and a 97.9% satisfaction rate.


6. Pricing: There are four categories; 

  • Starter ($39/m) – 100 attendees

  • Pro ($79/m) – 300 attendees

  • Plus ($129/m) – 500 attendees

  • Power ($199/m) – 1000 attendees

Annual payment – Save 20% on the chosen package.




  • Integrations – It does not have a lot of integration options.


Try WebinarNinja for free!




3. Livestorm


Livestorm is a simple yet influential video communication tool for companies of all shapes and sizes. It requires no software installation, has easy access, and the trust of 4000+ companies to host their webinars and other online meetings.


Pros and Features

Webinars and meetings: Users can easily host elegant webinars and prevailing meetings using Livestorm. There are different types of webinars and conferences available, as below: 

  • Live webinars – classic webinars where users are live through their device and connect to their audience in real-time.

  • Automated Webinars – Users have the option to customize their webinars through a planned setup. Some features allow launching videos, starting and ending of the webinars in seamless transition.

  • Livestorm Meet – It is an online meeting software designed to cater sale calls, customer training sessions, and other live video meetings for employees, teams, and students. It has the option to share screen, have private messages and chats.

  • Synchronized online meetings – It provides the option to integrate meetings with calendar events so there can be scheduled meetings. Other features include temporary meeting rooms for sale demos, training and coaching sessions, and automated video recordings.


2. Marketing: There are different marketing tools available, as below: 

  • Instant Insights – It collects and provides data on all contacts to keep in touch with the audience.

  • Analyze Performance – Attendee information utilized to analyze the input of the event.

  • Shift Data – Move your data into CRM, other market automated tools, and favorite apps using integration. Integration is done via sites such as Zapier.

  • Facebook Pixel – Facebook ads are tractable through Livestorm.


3. Customer Support: Livestorm’s customer support extends from 10:00 am to 2:00 am CET/1:00 am to 5:00 pm PT from Monday to Friday.


Earning: Create free and paid webinars with ease.


Audience interaction: The audience is engaged through interactive chat features, polls, and questioning.


E-mails: Livestorm has e-mail features that allow the user to reach out to the audience to give them updates on the webinars, provide offers and engage them with welcome e-mails and thank you notes.


Pricing: There are three tiers of payment methods:


  • Basic – Ten attendee limit.
  • Premium – Price varies with attendee limit + $99 per host. (COVID relief available).

1. 10 attendee : $99/m

2. 250 attendee : $198/m

3. 1000 attendee : $308/m

  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing




  1. Attendee Limit – Maximum capacity is 1000, which can be an issue for larger companies.

  2. Customer support – Customer support is not available 24/7. Timing varies throughout the globe.



Try Livestorm for free here!




4. GetResponse


It is a classy and trustworthy tool for e-mail marketing and landing page creations. It’s targeted at entrepreneurs, Market managers, online marketers, and large companies.


Pros and Features

1. E-mail Marketing: GetResponse has a 20-year marketing experience in the niche of e-mail marketing. It is safe to say they know what they are doing. They have a variety of features to guide you through the world of e-mail marketing.


  • EM Software – Encourages engagement from the audience.

  • Professional Templates – Free templates and layouts available that have stunning visuals, easy viewing, Gifs, and email stock images to spice up the e-mail and attract the audience’s attention. All of the features are easily customizable.

  • Right E-mail for the right event – GetResponse allows you to customize your e-mails in a way that moves with the context of the email.

Newsletters – One time updates and offers

Autoresponders – Automated follow up e-mails to engage and sell.

Automated Blog mails – Helps to increase blog engagement via e-mails and social media.

Perfectly Timed E-mails - Send timed e-mails using their Time travel tools.

Promotion: Promote your landing page, webinars, and online shops via e-mails.


2. Landing Page: Create your own visually and functionally stunning landing page.

  • Grow Contact List – Provide exclusive incentives quality leads in exchange for the audience’s contact information.

  • Show off Products – Display and sell your products elegantly.

  • Promote webinars – If you have upcoming webinars, they are advertised easily.

  • Templates – Customize the landing page to match the aesthetic of the company.

  • Working – Test the functionality of your page via AB Tests.

  • Grab attention – Keep the audience on their toes by timely popups, forms, timers (elicits purchase), webinar advertisement, and Facebook ads.


3. Marketing Automation: Deliver the best customer service to the audience without any extra effort.

  • Customize or Premade – Choose the option that best suits your brands.

  • E-mails – Automated e-mails to attract an audience.

  • Abandoned Cart – Remind the customer of their abandoned cart so they can continue their shopping.

  • Collect and connect – Collects the information of the customers that allows the targeted connection. It also collects the user behavior, filters, and selected conditions to relate with customers.

  • Nurture the Newbies – Provides them with welcome offers and recommends popular products.

  • Sync Up – Sync your online store with CRM data and connect payment methods.


4. Funnel Conversation Software: Funnel your customers and audience to become a paying member. Types of funnel conversation software include;

  • Simple opt-in Funnel – Captures new leads on the landing page.

  • Lead Magnet – Shares valuable information in exchange for e-mail addresses.

  • Sales Funnels – Promote, sell, and deliver products through effective funneling.

  • Webinar Funneling – Build trust and show your expertise to the audience and then attract their attention towards the webinar.


5. Pricing: There are four packages. Prices vary with the list size.

  • Basic - $15/m (100 attendees)

  • Plus - $49/m (100 attendees)

  • Professional - $99/m (100 attendees)

  • Max – Custom Pricing



  1. Security: Two-factor authentications are not available, which is not feasible for companies who need secure networks.

  2. Customer Support: Phone support has disconnected for all members except for the ones using the ‘Max plan

  3. Attendee Limit – Has a fixed limit of 500 webinar attendees, which can cause issues.

  4. Integration – It involves 3rd party software.



Try GetResponse for free here!




5. Clickmeeting


Clickmeeting is a webinar, video conference, and online meetings for students, customers, and teams.


Pros and Features

1. Product Demos and Marketing:

  • Show your audience what you got – Deliver relevant knowledge of the product, showcase the product with step-by-step instructions.

  • Customer Demands - Relate to customer needs and supply to their demand. More leads can be made via on-demand and automated webinars with a call to action button on the live webinar available to the audience.


2. Online Business meetings and Collaborations:

  • All under one roof - Connect all team members across the globe in one space.

  • Talk it out - Discussions are done using the chat features.

  • Presentations – It has the option to share your screen and present.


3. Online Courses and Training:

  • Webinars – Organize online courses and training sessions using webinars.

  • Display and Present – Display your presentations, sketch and write on the whiteboards.

  • Interact – Use the polls and chats to get a response from the audience.

  • Quiz Them – Organize tests and quizzes.

  • Make money – Monetize your webinars and classes.


4. Online Events:

  • Be resourceful – Save your money, time and resources by conduction large events online.

  • Capacity – Maximum of thousand attendees.

  • Interaction – The audience can communicate and interact with the host and the audience.


5. Stream Session: Stream your content on:

  • Facebook live
  • YouTube live


6. Security:

  • Guarded Passwords – Only you have access to it.

  • Lock Rooms – To stop any intrusions and keep the contents of the webinar and meeting safe.

  • Payments – Keep your transactions secure.


7. Integration: Integrate your data with the platform of your choice.


8. Pricing: Varies on the number of attendees standard rates are;

  • Live - $25/ m for 10 attendees.

  • Automated - $40/m for 10 attendees.

  • Enterprise – It has custom pricing.



  1. Export Quality – PowerPoint presentations and documents get shifted to adjust with supporting fonts of the site. It might interfere with the document.

  2. Security – Has 128 –bit AES encryption (it's not satisfactory for all users).

  3. Lag – Lag in presentation and voice can happen mid-presentation.

  4. Freemium Version – Free premium version is not available.



Try Clickmeeting  for free here!




6. Learnworlds

Create, promote and sell your online courses for your website using Learnworlds.


Pros and Features

1. Build Courses:

  • Video addition – Add video transcripts, questions, and hotspots for the audience with catchy titles.

  • Transcripts – Add interactive and synchronized transcripts extracted from the videos. It makes the videos accessible.

  • Interactions – Users can interact via questions, titles, pointers, images, and links.

  • Host Video Content – Live videos or automated videos can be hosted via Learnworlds or synced from other platforms.

  • Check Stats – Look at the interaction of the audience via statistics.

  • Drip Feed – Control the direction of users on the site or allow them to roam for free.

  • Add notes – Allows the users to add notes or highlight points.


2. Audience Interaction:

  • Quiz them – Give assignments and quizzes.

  • Question Bank – Create a series of questions that connect to the courses and quizzes available.

  • Certification – Award branded digital certificates are available to give the audience.

  • Audios and E-books – Create audio and e-books to enhance user experience.


3. Online School Site Builder:

  • Easy to make – There is no need for any coding or design skills, templates along with other readymade help are available on site.

  • Offers and Timers – Grab the audience’s attention with limited offers with timers attached.

  • Course products: Display what your courses have to offer.

  • Nitty-Gritty: Other features include Blog creation, animations, galleries, testimonials, and e-mails.


4. Customer Service: Onboard setup support with 24/7 customer service available. Migration features (upload content automatically) is also available.


5. Pricing:

  • Starter - $24/m

  • Pro Trainer - $79/m

  • Learning Center - $249/m

  • High Volume and Cooperate – Contact Website.



  1. Built inaccessibility can be enhanced.

  2. Marketing Analytics can be hard to configure for beginners.



Try Learnworlds for free here!




7. Onestream


Onestream is a site where you can broadcast your streams in a live or Pre-recorded way.


Pros and Features

1. Social-Media Stream: Connect with 40+ sites to stream your content.


2. Types of Streams:

  • Pre-recorded streams
  • Real-time Streams


3. Embedded Player: Streams can be embedded anywhere for advertisement and interaction.


4. Playlist Stream: Users can queue up videos in a playable sequence for Pre-recorded streams.


5. Custom RTMP streaming: Use URL and Stream Key to create a custom stream.


6. Cloud Storage: Saves precious streams.


7. One-Click: Requires no software. Streams are just one click away.


8. Analytics: Observe interactions in analytics.


9. Prices:

  • Basic - $10/m
  • Standard - $39/m
  • Professional - $69/m



  1. Dashboard – New users are having difficulty configuring the dashboard.

  2. New – Onestream is new, which causes difficulty to find consultants.

  3. Choices – There are too many options. It can be overwhelming to new users.


Try OneStream for free here!






In a sea of overwhelming options to choose from, we have discussed the top webinar platforms in the market. All of the seven platforms have their unique pros and features that allow them to perform in an optimum manner. Analyze your needs and choose the platform that meets your demands in the best way possible.

  If you wonder how we rank all these 7 platforms comparing to each other, here is the detail:



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