7 Best Social Media Scheduling and Managing Tools in 2022

social media tools Mar 07, 2021
Best Social Media Scheduling and Managing Tools


Say goodbye to messy schedules, conversational gaps, and missed posts as we have the list just for you! Get yourself a social media scheduling tool that will allow you to be smart and efficient with your social media management to create and generate effective social media platforms.

Social Media scheduling and managing tools are one of the easiest shortcuts to queue up the posts. By using the right tool, you may improve your efficiency that can be beneficial in pushing a good content and form connections with all your followers in real time.


Here is the list of the top Social Media Scheduling and managing tools in 2021:

1. SocialPilot – Best for small to medium size businesses.

2. SproutSocial – Best for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

3. Crowdfire – Best pricing.

4. SocialBee – Best at providing custom content creation services.

5. ContentCal – Best at team management and queue uploads.

6. AgoraPulse – Best at removing reply gaps and engagement.

7. ZohoSocial – Best at task management and upload schedule.




1. SocialPilot


It is a social media manager that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to automate their social media platforms to help the customers in each step. Social Pilot helps to post through web, browser extensions and mobile. It is highly recommended for small teams. Following are some of the features and benefits of using social pilot:


Pros and Features:

  • Connects with 50+ social media accounts to schedule posts in an automated style.

  • Social Pilot is a unified platform that allows users to post multiple times on multiple platforms through one place.

  • Analyze your performance by reposts and analytics to know what you are getting into and learn to improve any lack.

  • Presentable PDF data are available to share the stats with the team and device new approaches.

  • Social Inbox – Moderate and reply to people across different accounts in one place to reduce any communication gap or lag. This ensures that the audience knows that you are hereby their side.

  • Maintain and Manage the social media team by viewing, updating, and effectively approving their posts. Make sure that no post gets unnoticed while staying on your A-game.

  • Collect and create relevant content to your accounts that reach your audience to generate hype and engagement.

  • Save your time while being efficient! Use the RSS feed for the auto-share mode in blogs so the audience knows that you have posted.

  • Be strategic in your planning and uploads. Use the calendar to visualize your social media strategy.

  • Users have the option to perform 500 bulk uploads.

  • Boost relevant posts from different platforms for the website directly to save time and stay hassle-free.


Social Media Platform Supported:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumbler
  • VK
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok



  • If the queue fails to upload, there is no notification or warning.

  • There is a lag on repost reminders.


Pricing: It Save 15% annually.

  • Agency - $100/m

  • Small Team - $50/m

  • Professional - $30/m

  • Enterprise - Contact creators.



Try SocialPilot for free here!




2. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a hub for posting and creating content and posting them across multiple social media platforms and profiles.

Sproat Social is considered as the best social media scheduling or posting tool. It helps to schedule and also to post across different networks.


Many marketing teams take advantage from this tool for collaboration and also providing specific access to marketing managers, and to everyone that helps to contribute to a social media calendar.


Pros and Features

  • Engagement – Monitor engagement with the audience by utilizing the unified social inbox to keep everything in one place.
    • Remove any engagement blocks to enhance engagement and audience reach.

    • Smart inbox – Gather all of your inboxes from various social media profiles and jot them down in one platform for easy access.

    • Message spike alert – When there is an overflow of replies, the message spike makes sure no important event and messages ever get missed.

    • Review managers – Easily review your posts to make sure that everything is up to mark.

    • Automate replies- Generate automated replies to reduce the conversation gap and increase audience engagement.

    • Assign tasks – Easily assign tasks to team members to increase efficiency.

    • Generate reports of responses from the audience to understand the audience feedback.


  • Publishing and Scheduling – Create and manage social media content as a team.

      • Schedule posts across multiple platforms simultaneously by devising a planned schedule to make sure that no dates are missed.

      • Optimize send time to generate engagement. Make sure that nothing is left behind.

      • Content suggestions – Users are provided with a vast list of content to get inspired for new posts and churn out fresh content.

      • Generate workflow – Make sure that there is no post left on pending. Create a systematic workflow to approve and swiftly send replies.

      • Content collaboration- Teamwork is everything. Make sure that you are in touch with your team and collaborating on projects effectively by content collaboration feature.


  • Analytics – Look at the performance and devise new strategies to improve engagement.

    • Profile performance reports – Get performance reports of all of the connected social media profiles to understand how each profile is performing.

    • Tag reports – Get tag reports of tagged messages as they are shown to observe patterns and effectiveness.

    • Get post-performance on a deep level as analytics are broken down for easy access and observation.

    • Compare competitor reports with your won to see where you are lacking and improve on those weak points.

    • Team and Task report generators – Know how your team is performing on task management by getting a copy of the report generated on individual team member and their task performance.

    • Paid post-performance analytics – Get to know the performance of what you paid for. Users are given detailed access to reports on the performance of the paid posts.


  • Listening – Learn trends and insights from social conversations.

    • Customer feedback – Customer feedback holds vitality like none other. Listen to the audience by receiving customer feedback to enhance their experience.

    • Consumer report – know who is your audience. Get a consumer report of your target audience to make sure that you know who you are dealing with (age, gender, location).

    • Trend Identification – Be on top of the latest trends by looking at the trend identification features. This allows you to increase your chances of engagement and get chances to reach a new audience.

Social Media supported:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google My business
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Trip Advisor
  • Glassdoor



  • Reports and analytics are a bit different from the native apps.

  • Integrations are weaker (broken links can cause posting issues).

  • The user interface is not that user-friendly.



  • Standard = $99/m (5 social media profiles)

  • Professional = $149/m (10 social media profiles)

  • Advanced = $249/m (10 social media profiles + professional features)



Try SproutSocial for free here!




3. CrowdFire


It is a social media management tool for all sizes to produce the best of social media engagement and results.

Pros and Features:

  • Content creation:
    • Create content strategy and curate tactics for highly effective content creation to ensure that it hits the bull’s eye with the audience.

    • Customize RSS feed to curate to your dashboard and get the best engagement possible.

    • Customize and create images via image recommendations to catch the audience’s attention and draw them towards your products.

    • Tweak and adjust your blogs and/or e-commerce stores to your liking to match your aesthetics and be one with the audience.


  • Publish:
    • Publish and schedule content on various social media platforms from one main platform without a hitch.

    • Schedule your posts in advance to save time to do what is important.

    • Tailor posts to each social media post so nothing looks out of place and suspicious.

    • Queue your posts for a long time so that you can have all the time to modify them as you please.


  • Analytics:
    • Dive deep into your posts and how they perform. Get information on each post for better judgment of the status of your posts.

    • Get details on individual posts from the amount of engagement to the audience that has viewed it to who follows you and who doesn’t.

    • Download PDFs on individual posts reports sharing the analytics with the team for improvements and appreciation.

    • Competitor analytics – Look at the performance of your competitors know what you are getting into and how are you lagging.


  • Mentions:
    • Never miss a single mention/comment or reply from the audience. This ensures active engagement on both ends and keeps the audience happy.

    • Minimize the gaps in replies via an instant go-to mobile app for marketing and managing on the go.


Social Media Apps:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Vimeo



  • Lack of tools in the less paid option. You would need to upgrade your package for more amazing tools.

  • Integrations are glitched in some apps.



  • Free - 3 Accounts.

  • Plus - $99.9/m (5 accounts)

  • Premium - $49.99/m (10 accounts)

  • VIP - $99.99/m (25 accounts)



Try Crowfire for free here!




4. SocialBee


SocialBee is an online platform dedicated make social media management more efficient. It allows the users to focus on what truly matters while exempting them from the extra and tedious works.

SocialBee is a known social media management tool which has its own mobile application, for the purpose of social media management. This tool is helpful in assigning posts into different categories that helps to make it easier to schedule different posts.

Pros and Features:

  • SocialBee effectively provides media posting.

  • Users can categorize content on SocialBee to save precious time.

  • Users can mix and match content across various social media platforms.

  • Repost the most effective posts to generate engagement and save time.

  • RSS functionality allows the users to post, repost and curate content automatically.

  • Zapier integration is available with easy access.

  • Users can create short and smart links to keep aesthetics.

  • It is easy to track updates and results using the customer UTM setting.

  • Get trendy! Observe what is in demand and add a unique spin of your own.

  • Compare your efficiency by using the Competitor Comparison. Take action by taking the right steps.

  • Get yourselves your personal Social Media Specialist called Concierge Service.


This feature allows you to get content created for you by professionals.


Available features include:

  • Social media specialists – Curate your content to the audience via marketers.

  • Content Writing – Articles are vital to hype up your products. Get yourself a professional that can properly execute this operation.

  • Guide Creation – Generate a step-by-step process to make it easy for the audience to interact with the social network.

  • Community Management – Audience engagement is crucial to social media success, get a community manager that can help in moderation of the audience.

  • Graphic Design – Get eye-catching images that divert the attention of the audience towards your product in an effective way.

  • Ad Management – Hire an ad manager who runs ads in an optimal time frame to generate audience engagement.

  • Analytics and Report generation of the audience status, activity status, and top-performing posts.

  • 21/7 customer support available which supports Live Chats, Live Documentations, and One on One calls.


Social Media Supported:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business



  • PDF reports are not available, making it difficult to share results with the team.

  • Competitor Analytics are only reserved for Twitter accounts.

  • Mobile app caries fewer features than the desktop version.

  • A/B testing is not available for posts before publishing.



There are three packages available at SocialBee;

  • Bootstrap – 5 SoCal Media profiles; $19/m.

  • Acceleration – 10 social Media profiles; $39/m.

  • Pro – 25 Social Media profiles available in 79/m



Try SocialBee for Free Here!




5. ContentCal


ContentCal is s social media marketing tool that arranges and organizes all so call media profiles in one place for easy access and moderation.

It is an ultimate content calendar and also content management platform which is helpful for many individuals, businesses and also for agencies with their planning for social media. This platform is entirely helpful in defining user permissions and streamline the approval process, along with managing different accounts summed up in one location.

Pros and Features:

  • Content collaboration and Content Connection.

  • Attach multiple channels and multiple teams to improve engagement and to remove any communication gaps.

  • Plan and Publish posts to your liking so there is no upload date missed.

  • Test the waters on what works for your brand by getting performance reports.

  • Use the performance reports to tweak the content.

  • Engage with the audience by using a shared inbox for all profiles.

  • Get your message across different channels without any delay.

  • Generate campaigns to keep everything in one place.

  • Users can create category tags to streamline the audience to specific information.

  • Approving posts is no sweat! Organize your approvals through easy steps.

  • Grab snippets of key information and drop them at the location that you want.

  • Brainstorm ideas with the entire team by jotting them down in one place using the Web clipper feature for inspiration.

  • Get the content the spotlight they desire. By choosing prime posting time for each social media.

  • Create notes to keep yourself up to date on the important conversations that take a long period.

  • Panic Button – Hold scheduled posts of any issue that arises. It is easy to queue them back and resume back to normal schedule time whenever you want.


Social Media Supported:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business



  • Content Call accidentally sends emails to clients who have already have availed of the offer.

  • Glitches in draft posts can occur, causing the site to crash randomly.

  • An image pull-through can get extremely glitched.



  • Pro - $17/m

  • Company - $47/m

  • Premium - Custom Package creation

  • Enterprise - Custom Package creation


Try ContentCal for Free HERE!




6. Agorapulse


Agorapulse allows the users to organize and manage their multiple social media profiles to create a hub of productivity and engagement with the audience.

Agorapulse is widely used to listen, report, publish, engage, and also to collaborate with the social networks. This tool is helpful in supporting different social media that includes Instagram, Google +, twitter, Facebook etc.


Pros and Features:

  • Schedule posts by using single or bulk uploads.

  • Users can conveniently reschedule posts for later uploads if they do not fit their agenda.

  • Get strategic by filling up the content calendar to create the perfect upload schedule for a long duration.

  • Social Box – Integrate all social media profiles and connect them under a single box for quick and effective replies.

  • Filter and manage your comments left by the audience to reach the most important ones easily.

  • Generate performance reports through one click to gauge the audience reactions, post reach, and engagement factor.

  • Determine the ROI of engagement to deduce and device effective strategies for upcoming posts.

  • It is easy to share reports with the team by using the online report generator or download the report by using the simple one-step click method.

  • Create and brainstorm different ideas and approaches using draft posts (design ideas a d make notes here, comments, and messages to communicate with your team without any glitches.

  • CRM – create and label audience groups. This segmentation allows the in-depth analysis of the audience's communication and engagement with the social media posts.

  • Automated Inbox assistant – Set up moderation rules in your inbox and let them do the job. Send replies, converse with your audience and leave no one behind while saving your precious time and energy.

  • Full Coverage Stats – Get in-depth details of all of the analytics and check the crude performances of the individual posts, comments, and engagement.

  • Queue Categories – Generate queue categories by easily dividing them in neat and effective order. This ensures that the queues generate are up to mark.

  • Team-friendly prices – Don’t worry about breaking the bank, get the best prices for the best features.

  • Collaborate – Teamwork is very essential and Agorapulse thinks that too. Connect with your team, brainstorm ideas, and assign tasks to generate a workflow.

  • Listen to the audience – Get audience feedback and comments sorted into one place so you know what you need to do to meet up with your audience.

  • Shared Calendar – Share a schedule calendar with the team so they know the intimate details of schedules, upload time, and important events.


Social Media Supported

  • Facebook
  •  Instagram
  •  Twitter
  •  YouTube
  •  LinkedIn



  • The mobile app is not as user-friendly as it is promoted.

  • Notifications are sent incorrectly sometimes of there being missed messages where there are none.

  • It is hard to see the user’s social media profile directly from the website.



  • Pro - $79/m (10 social profiles, 2 users)

  • Premium - $159/m (25 social profiles, 4 users)

  • Enterprise – Custom package. ( 40 social profiles, 8 users)



Try Agorapulse for Free Here!




7. Zohosocial


Zoho is cloud-based project management software that allows users to manage their profiles effectively to generate sales and get engagement.

Users can plan projects, track works effectively generate analytics, and collaborate with their team easily.

Pros and Features:

  • Gantt Charts – Build project plans and track your schedule using Gantt charts. Gantt charts make you aware of the critical tasks. They also compare your progress with the planned progress.

  • Tasks – Assign automated tasks to save time on task management and appointment.

  • Timesheet – Log everything you have worked on (billable and non-billable tasks with manual or timer options. It helps to generate automatic invoices at the end of the month.

  • Customize – Style and customize according to your needs. Create personalized fields, statuses, layouts, and workflow without any hitch.

  • The User Interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Integration with other social media platforms is available.

  • Zoho has its very own mobile app that can make working on the go easier.

  • Project Management – Manage your projects with ease.
    • Construction – Effective communication available on-site and off-site.

    • Software development – Turn abstracts into products and meet the client’s expectations.

    • Educate – Real-time collaboration and virtual programs are available.

    • Real estate – Coordinate with the clients without any time gaps.

    • Consulting Services – Focus on the delivery of effective solutions without worrying about any problems.


  • Task management:
    • Work breakdown structure into simpler terms so everyone can get on board.

    • Issue management is easier than ever as the team can highlight it and assign it to the relevant person.

    • Universal add – Add tasks according to your convenience.

    • Reminders – Don’t miss anything! Set reminders so that Zoho can remind you when to do a task.

    • Critical task – Place tasks on highlights so that the critical tasks do not get left behind.

Social Media Supported:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business



  • Customer Service is very poor, especially if you are looking for task-specific solutions.

  • It can take a while to get used to the extensive features.

  • Integrations can get complicated.



  • STANDARD - $12/user/month billed annually

  • PROFESSIONAL - $20/user/month billed annually

  • ENTERPRISE - $35/user/month billed annually

  • ULTIMATE - $45/user/month billed annually.



Try ZohoSocial for Free Here!




Final Verdict:

You must be thinking that which social media management tool is highly recommended to be used! There is an advice, you need to go through free trials, and select the right tool which fits how you want to work. It is often easy adding different tools to the workflow rather than trying to adjust a new workflow around the tool for which you have paid for!




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