7 Best Project Management Software in 2022

project management Jan 09, 2021
Best Project Management Software

You must be wondering what does the term Project Management tools mean. So, to embellish yourself with the knowledge of this terminology, you have come to a relatively good location. Project Management tools are a great assistance to individuals and companies to manage their work and organize their work efficiently.


When this terminology is surfaced with the word "Project management software," this designates that you can purchase such software online or use it for free.


There are many types of software out there for project management, which you can access for free and make capital out of it.


If we reap the fruitful features of project management software, it will increase the individual's capabilities of managing routine tasks efficiently.


The management software has diminished the human effort, and the machinery efficiency is increased to the extent that they handle your work, timetable, schedules, documentation management proficiently.


Here is the list of platforms that we found as the best in the market right now:


1. Best all-in-one PM platform, with so many extra features
2. Wrike: Best PM platform specifically designed for projects only
3. Teamwork: Best small business PM platform
4. Easy Project: Best platform for budget and resource management
5. Zoho Project: Most reliable PM platform

6. Clickup: Best all-in-one PM platform, competitor

7. LucidPress: Best PM tool for magazines and media








Below, we will discuss the seven best management tools that we have been using to manage our work and found them best of the best, in the order below:







Another project management software to make into the list of the best software is Monday (almost as perfect as wrike). Developed by Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, Monday is a massive help for managing work with vast teams. "Monday" is not the first name this software got; its previous name was Dapulse.

Suppose you are looking for project management software to fulfill all your requirements.


Furthermore, it avoids any confusion in the Teamwork by offering attractive and user-friendly designs. Keeping your team posted about all the progress and updates of your Project is super easy if you get your hands on this software right away.


Setting up a project and adding your vast team is not hard anymore, all thanks to Monday!


Merits and demerits of


  • The team collaboration feature is what makes this project management software stand out from the rest. This software allows all the team members to edit or drop messages when needed without facing any obstacle or a tedious process.

  • The Monday developers have done an impeccable job when it comes to design. The visual board tells you everything you need to know about the ongoing project, and the colors indicate which issues should be looked after first.

  • Monday has multiple types of views through which you can track your projects' progress. These views are the Timeline view, Kanban board, and Calendar view.

  • The Project members can share their progress table or view to other people so that they know what is the status of the Project.



  • The valuable features are fitted with premium packages. Moreover, the free plan can afford many users, but getting permission for inviting more users results in extra charges.


Payment plans currently offers four packages. The four packages are:



The basic package costs $8 seat/month and totals $24 per month. This package is for those who are just starting up and do not have a large team with them. Furthermore, this package includes free boards, about 200+ templates, and access to unlimited viewers.


The standard package is the most famous one. It costs $10 seat/month and $29 per month. This package includes Gantt views and Calendar views. Moreover, this package allows you to create a dashboard combined with five boards.


The premium package costs $16 seat/month and totals $48 per month. It contains all the essential features, along with time tracking and private boards. Furthermore, this package provides more automation and integrations.


To get access to this package, you will have to get in contact with the team. This package allows you to create a dashboard combined with 50 other boards. Additionally, it provides you with enterprise-grade security and governance.



Try for free here! 





2. Wrike


Wrike is one of the best project management software initiated in San Jose, imparting impeccable features. Andrew Filev founded Wrike in the year 2006. The Wrike's main objective is to assist leading organizations is to indulge themselves in this technological era and go for smart management of routine works of the organizations.

Wrike's intelligent software enables people to manage their work effortlessly in an adequate manner, helping them be organized.

The foremost and most laudable aspect of this software is that it helps supervise several projects with their completion, accompanying quick turn arounds facilitating to generate quality output.


Merits and demerits of Wrike


  • Wrike has exceptional service. They entertain your queries in the minimum time possible. They respond to your concern within 24 hours and, in return, acknowledge you and your team with the best knowledge befitting your group of members.

  • They have got user-friendly and easy to access collaborative tools.

  • When working on Wrike, you will be fascinated by their process of documentation and built-in services to help the customers.

  • You feel contented and confident while showcasing everything you have worked on.

  • The most applaudable feature is that Wrike keeps the strict track of the Developments we made throughout the year.



  • One of the prominent drawbacks for beginner users of this software is that it has several customizable features, including background.

Payment plans

Wrike has set up 4 Pricing plans for its users. The users can purchase the programs as per their needs. Let us discuss their four plans.



This plan allows five users to access this software and the best thing about this is that it is free. This plan is suitable for small teams.


This plan can suffice 15 users who are working on a large scale. This plan will impart the buyer with a full project management plan and other collaborations. You can get this plan at the rate of $9.80 per user/month.


This plan is designed for the brands and organizations working on a vast scale and have big businesses. This plan facilitates the user with sturdy management work gives customization and reporting options. You can grab this plan for $24.80 user/month.


This plan has room for unlimited. To know about this plan's pricing, you can contact Wrike to inquire about all the necessary details.



Try wrike for free here!




3. Teamwork


Teamwork is a coherent and structured software that helps you manage your project's routine most effectively and efficiently. Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey developed Teamwork.


 This lucrative management tool embraces itself with the features of keeping track of assignments, the listing of the task, time tracking, and manages files relating to projects.

Teamwork proves its capability when a group of members work together to establish a firm business. Teamwork assists team member manages their tasks and group objectives, and their conversations. Along with its numerous benefits, it also allows the feature of document management. These features help users to share essential files among them through an online portal.


Merits and demerits of Teamwork


  • The most appealing feature of this software is the time tracking feature. It proves its efficiency when the user tracks his employer and keeps an eye on the assigned tasks. It is convenient and is responsive both on desktop and mobile devices.

  • In addition to its excellent characteristics, generating reports adequately is a good one. With Teamwork, you can forge a report very quickly. The report will carry the details most comprehensively and extensively.

  • The most helpful capability of this software is to view your Project by zooming in and zooming out.


  • The UI interface of Teamwork is not user-friendly. This makes users confused, and therefore, this results in disliking the interface by the majority.

  • Teamwork does not accommodate itself with the turn off features. There must be an option that lets the user turn off those features that they do not use.


Pricing plans

Free forever:

This plan is free to use. Maximum 5 people can access through this plan. This plan accommodates two projects and has a capacity of 100 MB storage.


This plan will cost you $10 user/month. This has the best features, like time tracking, issuing invoices, project templates, view workload capacity, and much more.


The premium plan will cost you $18 user/month. This plan comprises of pro features. The features like a custom field, project portfolio view, integration HubSpot and one drive, and many more are included in this package.


The enterprise plan will embody every feature. For further price and details, you can contact them.



Try Teamwork for free here!







4. Easy Project


Easy Project is one of the useful and beneficial software for project management. The Easy Project was founded in 2007 by Fillips. Andrew Filev developed this software intending to assist management projects and efficiently organize them.


By utilizing the plugin of Easy projects, the management projects have met their essential needs—Easy Project realizes what a today demands. There is a dire need for an open-source complex yet easy to use project management tool in the market place.


Easy Project throughout the time is growing, prospering, and spreading in every nook and corner of the world. They are working on their product consistently to pinpoint every flaw in it. The Easy Project takes great pride in perfecting its product greatly.


Merits and demerits of Easy Project


  • Easy Project is a tremendous customizable management tool. It is so efficient that you can assign new users, set tasks all in one particular place.

  • Easy Project can generate regular reports, and also the user can export them. To add more, this can be proved handy to create a log of jobs for clients.

  • The low-price plan of Easy Project is to do budget-friendly and allows unlimited projects to adjust in one account.

  • Easy Project software carries unique features of basics management. These include bills, time, budget, and issuing invoices and statements.


  • Easy Project causes some problems while operating in some browsers. For instance, it is not supported in Firefox. Also, when you move to portable devices like a tablet or mobile phone is not responsive. It either runs at a snail's pace or stops running.

  • As a beginner, it can be a bit difficult operating Easy Project. This occurs due to the advanced features fed in the software, which makes it more complicated. However, you purchase the paid plans, and they offer a few hours of training on using them.

  • The UI design of the website is outworn and requires some glamour. The addition of some colors will enhance its elegant interface.


Payment plans

An Easy Project has outlined three pricing plans for its users. The user can select these plans befitting their needs. Following plans are presented by Easy Project.


The "Essential" plan will cost you 6 euros per user/month. It will allow time tracking, work management, and portfolio management features for its users.


The "Business" plan will accommodate all the features of the essential plan. But along with that, it will also comprise additional features of schedule, finance management, attendance management, and much more. This plan will cost you 12 euros per user/month.


The "Platform" plan will cater to all the features. The platform plan will cost you 19 euros per user/month. To make things steer clear, you will make these payments annually no matter what plan you choose.



Try EasyProject for free here!





5. Zoho Project


Zoho is a cloud-based management program that helps you plan your projects, track your work effectively and collaborate with your team from anywhere. 


Merits and demerits of Zoho



  • Task management features including Gantt Charts, timesheets, and reminders to keep you up-to-date on your workloads.

  • Customize your layout according to your needs and aesthetics to have an easy workflow. 

  • Team collaboration is convenient with their work breakdown and issue management system that allows you to appoint work to the team. Chat features are also available for easy communication.

  • Automate mundane tasks with easy-to-follow setups using Blueprint, SLAs, and Business rules to create an automated workflow.

  • Time management is easy through their reminders and critical task tabs to remind you of the important tasks.

  • Charts and reports are available of work, progress, and success.

  • Integrate Zoho with your favorite apps for easy access.

  • Mobile Features are available for easy access.  



  • Customer service is not the best. People have been facing issues regarding specific issues.

  • There are many features available that can be overwhelming and difficult to learn quickly.

  • Integrations on other apps can get complicated if it's done on more than two apps.


Pricing Plans



The basic plan charges $0/m (which makes it free). It allows two projects only and attaches files up to 10MB. It gives access to 3 uses only.



The premium plan will cost you $5/user/month. This plan provides up to fifty users, unlimited projects, and an upload of 100GB. This plan will equip itself with all essential features.



The enterprise has all the features you desire. It starts at $10/user/month, 120GB upload capacity, and no upper limit on the number of users available. This can be an excellent package for large companies.



Try Zoho Project for free here!




6. Clickup



ClickUp is a cloud-based platform that helps its users assign and manage their tasks, import business information, and bring it in one place for easy access for work and collaboration. It is available for teams of all sizes.


Merits and demerits of ClickUp



  • Manage processes using workflow statuses, checklists, task dependencies, task lists, milestones, automation, and so much more.

  • Manage task flow using a filter, search and store features. View your favourites easily. Multitask efficiently and stack your tasks in the task tray so you know what's next on the list.

  • Time management can be achieved through two-way calendar sync, time view and track with due dates, scheduling, time estimates, Gantt charts, and workload view.

  • Integrate with your favourite interfaces such as Zapier, Google docs, etc.

  • With customization, the sky is your limit. Customize fields, tasks, statuses, assignees, themes, notifications, tags, and so much more.

  • collaboration is easy to achieve. Sync and edit in real-time, generate reports, pass on comments, use mentions to address someone, invite guests, check progress percentage, and so much more.

  • Connect with apps and devices such as Web, desktop, Google assistant, mobile, Alexa, and Chrome. 



  • ClickUp provides users with a lot of features. It can get overwhelming for new users or users who like to keep things simple.

  • Too many customization options can confuse new users, especially if they are not as tech-savvy.

  • User Interface can be disappointing for users and needs improvements in that area.

  • Email attachment feature has glitches that confuse.


Price Plan



ClickUp provides a free option where the users are provided with 100MB storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited members, and 2-factor authentication to keep that privacy. Almost all features are available here.



Go big with the ultimate features! At $9/user/mint, you can have all the basic features plus unlimited integrations, unlimited dashboards, guests, permissions, goals, portfolios, and custom fields. 



Try Clickup for free here!



7. Lucidpress


Lucidpress is a brand management and design tool for marketers that was developed in 2013 by Lucid software. It allows you to create, control and distribute all your marketing stuff. The lucid software is web-based. This project management tool's main aim is the creation of postcards, magazines, flyers, business cards, and much more.


Merits and demerits of Lucidpress


  • The best tools if you are looking forward to publishing something. It gives you a preview of what your document will end up looking like once all is done.

  • User-friendly interface. It is convenient to get the hang of this software.

  • The pricing of Lucidpress is quite reasonable considering all the features they offer.



  • One of the features Lucidpress lacks is the option of format painter. The format painter lets you copy the style and color of text easily.

  • Lucidpress does not incorporate itself with the ability to create charts and graphs.

  • The creation of charts and graphs will help users give their documents a great look.

  • The user cannot access to more new fonts until he purchases the premium plan.


Pricing plan


This is a free plan providing the user with stock photos. Moreover, it also offers three documents and three pages per document.


You can avail this plan for as low as $10. This plan will facilitate you with unlimited documents and unlimited pages per document. A lot more features are available, which you can access through this plan.


 The team plan of the Lucidpress is also an affordable one, which you can avail of at $12/user. This plan will contain more advanced features within itself, facilitating users in a significant way.


A business plan will accommodate all the team features in addition to the data automation feature. To acknowledge yourself with pricing and details, you can contact Lucidpress.



Try LucidPress here!






After coming across many efficient and effective project management tools, we can elucidate that the human effort can be minimized to greater extents by utilizing such devices. Project management software confines great feature within themselves. 


Firstly, you will not be perplexed in the management and scheduling of your tasks as you have got great systems where you can neatly manage your every work.


Secondly, you don't have to rely on emails to assign daily tasks. By utilizing this software, you can pass comments, assign tasks in a good manner.


Thirdly, you can evaluate your brand's productivity.





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