7 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2022

social media tools Mar 15, 2021


In the digital world, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to connect with employers, have a community with employees, and showcase your skills for the world to see.

It can get difficult to maintain your LinkedIn profiles but don’t worry, LinkedIn automation tools are here to help.

LinkedIn Automation Tools are the tools that automate all actions that you would otherwise have to do manually. These tools are vital for people who are active in the LinkedIn scene.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Not having to send each request for connections.

  • Not have to manually connect with everyone.

  • Save time with the mundane activities on LinkedIn and just get to the point.

  • Mass out-reach personalization tool to make sure it looks natural.

  • Integration with other tools.

  • A/B testing of messages and templates to check which the best is.



There is a variety of LinkedIn Automation Tools in the market to choose from. We have looked at all of them and have narrowed them down to the seven best LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2021 so you can make an informed choice.

1. Octopus – Best automation tool for smooth connections.

2. Expandi – Best at mimicking human behavior.

3. LinkedFusion – Best at team coordination.

4. ProspectIn – Best at prospecting clients.

5. Duxsoup – Best at multiple follow-ups.

6. Zopto – Best at connecting with the profile that is inaccessible otherwise.

7. Kennected – Best at detecting key demographic using filters.




1. Octopus


Octopus is a Linked Automated tool that has it all. It is uniquely designed for various business owners and marketers who have the desire to take full advantage of the LinkedIn software without the extra strenuous work.


  • It automates various features on LinkedIn that are otherwise done manually on the software.

  • It allows you to countersigns up to seven skills that the profiles in your contact list hold.
  • It has the feature to personalize the automated messages for connection requests to the second and third-level connections that LinkedIn holds so nothing seems out of the ordinary.

  • Reaching out is no sweat! Octopus has the option to send hundreds of first connection messages for quick reach and time management.

  • It is easy to view what others have to offer, simply browse hundreds of profiles automatically.

  • Create a conversation funnel by changing reached out profiles into buying customers by:

    • Sending mass messages to the interested profiles.

    • Send them ‘Thank You’ messages when they accept the request.

    • Showcase and endorse your skills to get the conversation going.

    • Successfully convert them into clients by sharing follow-ups.

  • Octopus CRM has the option to generate a link that allows conversation funneling easily. Customize one and you are set to get awesome replies from the customers.

  • Analyze your progress using the stats feature. Be in the know of your progress using the stats feature and observe key points such as:

    • Search appearance.

    • Social Selling Index.

    • The number of profiles was viewed.

    • Performance of your campaigns.

  • Octopus had your back when it comes to imports and exports. Successfully import the profiles for Octopus CRM campaigns can take care of it.

  • Users also have the option to export their data from the LinkedIn profiles into CSV files.

  • Integrate your LinkedIn profiles with Zapier and Hubspot and other favorite software with just a few clicks.

  • Octopus CRM is not exclusive to the top dogs. Get your LinkedIn profiles the best treatment whether they are on LinkedIn Free, LinkedIn premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruitment Elite.

  • Have the best security on your profiles. Octopus CRM makes sure that suspicious activity is quickly alerted.

Pros of Octopus CRM:

  • It has one of the smoothest automation tools with top-notch panel targeting to gain customers with ease.
  • It is a wonderful tool to enhance and expand your LinkedIn presence.
  • Connecting with other businesses is excellent with faster than the light follow-up.


Cons of Octopus CRM:

  • It has a vast range of options that can be confusing for people that are new to the tool.



All packages have 7 days free trial.

  • Starter - $6.99/m

  • Pro - $9.99/m

  • Advanced - $14.99/m

  • Ultimate - $24.99/m


Try Octopus for Free Here!




2. Expandi is a Linked Automated Tool that allows you to reach out to clients, generate a LinkedIn presence, and have more sales and client presence.

Expandi is one of the safest LinkedIn automated tools to date to give users the security they need to have healthy business practice. 



  • Generate your country-based IP address for each account. This allows the software to mimic human behavior.

  • Expandi wants the users to have the most natural interactions, initiate random delays between actions to make it seem natural.

  • Expandi is cloud-based. That means that the software keeps running when our computer is not. Set it up for 24 hours or specific hours.

  • The auto warm-up feature gradually increases the daily campaign features to mimic human behavior.

  • Follow growth hacks provided by Expandi for better results:

    • Growth Hack 1 – Expandi allows you to look for the top influencers in your field. After locating them, Expandi profiles all of the potential clients. After profiling them, Expandi allows the users to reach out to those profiles via personalized Gifs and images along with compelling pitches to get the client interested.

    • Growth Hack 2 – Expandi allows users to identify the top influencer in the market and look for their most relevant post that is linked to your product. After the location, Expandi’s tools scan and scrap everyone who has interacted with the post in any way, sending them automated messages through Expandi.

    • Growth Hack 3 – Users can locate the Facebook groups where their audience is located and scrap their profiles from the groups. Expandi then locates their LinkedIn profiles; imports them into CVS reports in Expandi. Users can reach out to these profiles through Expandi’s automated messages.
    • Growth Hack 4 – Users can locate what technology their audience is using. Then by using an e-mail finder, upload domain names to get verified email. Convert those into LinkedIn profiles and reach out to them using automated messages while keeping things personal.

    • Growth hack 5 – Users can locate specific Twitter groups that the audience is a part of, scrap their names, get verified LinkedIn profiles of the users, import them into CVS reports in Expandi, and reach out to them via automated messages to gauge their interest. 



Pros of

  • Expandi makes it super easy to generate campaigns.

  • Expandi mimics human behavior, making the reach outlook more personalized, hence generating more positive feedback.


Cons of

  • The customer service needs more improvement in terms of cancellation of the account for other teammates.



Expandi offers it all at just $99 per user per month. This has all access features to everything Expandi has to offer. There is no free trial available.



Try Expandi for Free Here!




3. LinkedFusion


LinkedFusion is LinkedIn automation software that allows marketers, freelancers, sales professionals, bloggers, and realtors to achieve the best potential for LinkedIn securely and productively.

LinkedFusion can be your definitive sales partner that helps the users save their time, increase their response rate and get the best results.




  • Generate your target audience via LinkedFusion. This can be achieved by using the filters provided by LinkedIn. It is convenient to target the core audience by using the filter feature to narrow down the audience.

  • Users can also use 3rd party apps such as ZoomInfo to get the list of prospects and integrate that information into LinkedFusion for further operations.

  • After the users have located the right audience, consumers can start campaigns to target the audience in automation mode. The sequence of the campaigns and the timing of operation are all in your hands!

  • Once the target audience accepts your request, quickly follow them up with an automated message to seal the deal. Since LinkedFusion is cloud-based software, your messages are being sent, even when you are not online. Users are free to schedule working hours.

  • Some messages are way too important to automate, don’t worry about it! Users can select the option ‘Send Later for LinkedIn’ so that instead of an automated response, you can send in manual messages.

  • Be in touch with your progress. Observe the stats and analytics of your performance to make sure that you stay on the top. Team admins can also look at the reports for guidance.

  • Use the mini CRM feature to provide notes and make tags for future references.
  • Integration has never been so easy. With just a few clicks you can integrate LinkedFusion with any CRM you desire.

  • Get a dedicated IP that no one can use.

  • The teammate feature allows the team to collaborate smoothly. This includes avoiding reaching out to someone that your team member has already reached out to.

  • The smart inbox feature allows the collection of all messages in one space to tag important messages for easy and accessible chatting.

  • Don’t miss out on prospects that are reaching out back to you. Get immediate e-mail notification about it.

  • Have easy reach to LinkedFusion by downloading their mobile app.


Pros of using LinkedFusion:

  • Learn all the secrets of LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn Training features. Get to know LinkedIn navigation and Growth Hacks to reach the top.

  • LinkedFusion is built for team collaborations. From coordinated messages to admins looking at teammate's stats.


Cons of using LinkedFusion:

  • Customer service is a bit lacking in terms of the cancelation of paid services.




  1. Professional - $65.95 per user per month which includes forty invites per day, 120 message credits per day, templates and team sync and so much more.

  2. Grow – $95.95 per user per month which includes all professional features, 70 invites per day, 210 message credits per day, templates and team sync and so much more.

  3. Ultimate ­- $65.95 per user per month which includes all features in Grow+, One twenty invites per day, 360 message credits per day, templates and team sync and so much more.


Try LinkedFusion For Free Here!




4. ProspectIn


ProspectIn is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows the users to generate new qualified leads, expand their business ventures and enhance their LinkedIn presence.



  • ProspectIn provides the users with detailed tutorials so that users of every level can be at their A-game.

  • Keep your LinkedIn profiles secure by using the security features.

  • ProspectIn mimics human behavior to keep LinkedIn away from any doubts of suspicious activities.

  • Generate scenarios to elicit long campaigns in few minutes. This includes contacting and replying to reach out to profiles.

  • Import data into the CRM automatically.

  • Target the prospects using themes. Use triggers to automatically activate them.

  • Salvage e-mails of your potential clients and add them to the CRM for better engagement.

  • Send automated connection requests to the people on the top of the game by highlighting your strengths to them. This allows the users to build connections.

  • Find your target audience from over 700 million professionals and narrow down your campaign just to them.

  • Send customized messages to keep the natural feeling intact when interacting.


Pros of using ProspectIn:

  • ProspectIn allows users to get in touch with their prospects quickly and effectively. It is 20 times more effective than cold e-mailing.

  • Generation of scenarios takes care of long-term campaigns. This means that the users only have to interact with the interested parties, all of the rest is taken care of.


Cons of using ProspectIn:

  • Connection requests and messages can be delayed due to issues with LinkedIn regulations.



  1. STANDARD - €0/month per user (10 t0 15 actions per day.)

  2. PRO - €24.99 / month BY USER.

  3. ADVANCED - €49.99 / month BY USER.

  4. BUSINESS - €149.99 / month FROM 3 USERS.


Try ProspectIn for Free Here!




5. Dux-soup


Duxsoup is a LinkedIn automated that tracks down, a campaign to and engage the prospects. Duxsoup allows the users to focus on making sales while taking care of everything behind the scenes.



  • Automate your LinkedIn activity. Duxsoup makes everything easy by tracking down and scanning the profiles of potential clients, endorses their skills, campaigns to them, and sends them personalized messages. All of this is done automatically till the prospect replies.

  • To make sure that you talk to the clients yourself when they reply, set up a
    LinkedIn drip so that automation stops when the prospect replies.

  • Manage your prospects with ease. Leave tags and notes directly on the LinkedIn profiles so they are accessible for action later.

  • Users can easily make lists of prospects that have replied to the automated messages on LinkedIn. This makes it convenient to reach out to them manually.

  • Users can download details of the profiles they are interested in and upload them to your CRM. This includes their details summary and full education details. This also helps in e-mail targeting.

  • Attach notes to target profiles for important points for everyone to pick on.

  • Integrate with your favorite sites for data and reports such as Zapier to integrate the data with e-mail marketing systems.


Pros of using Duxsoup:

  • Duxsoup gives the option to manage multiple accounts under the same roof at the same time.

  • Users can not only download the prospect's profiles but can also download the notes attached with them for better efficiency.

  • Multiple follow-ups are an option for users of Duxsoup.

  • Users can integrate with other systems for data analysis and email marketing systems.


Cons of using Duxsoup:

  • Duxsoup makes it difficult to have any teamwork possibilities.

  • Duxsoup can send the invitations but cannot cancel them when needed.

  • Duxsoup is a little more pricy for the full features.



  • Starter- Free Forever Everything you need to get going.

  • Professional - $11.25 user/month (Fits your lead generation process)

  • Turbo - $41.25 per user/month (Connects your lead generation systems; Includes one-week free trial)


Try Dux-Soup for Free Here!




6. Zopto


Zopto is a LinkedIn automation tool that makes it easy for users to target their key customers and get the hottest leads for successful business ventures.



  • Zopto is a cloud-based software that allows the campaigns to work even when you are not working.

  • Get the honor of generating a personalized IP address that is dedicated to your profile only.

  • Zopto doesn’t let LinkedIn get suspicious. Zopto mimics human behavior so that there is no LinkedIn ban on any accounts.

  • Zopto makes it easy to identify new prospects and expand your links. It is easy to reach out to those prospects, share your campaigns, and generate sales.

  • Use Zopto’s filter features to track down the key audience. There are thousands of filters to choose from to make your list as specific as you like.

  • Users can show the prospects that they are interested in them by automatically viewing their profiles. Anyone in the Zopto list will receive an automated profile visit.

  • Zopto loves to save you time, that’s why Zopto automatically updates the list so you don’t have to.

  • Users can easily import the data into the CRM for better access.

  • Emojis are not for everyone. Zopto makes sure to remove Emojis when needed to make sure that you look as professional as possible.

  • Zopto has a time zone detection feature that allows the messages to reach the prospects when they are up and active.

  • Generate multiple campaigns for audiences and market services that are automated.

  • Reach out to premium customers for no charge using Zopto.

  • Schedule your campaigns according to your choice to yield the maximum results.

  • Zopto members can generate their custom tags and labels for valuable customers, making it extremely convenient for them to locate them when needed for follow-up and dealing.

  • Zopto members have the option of generating multiple campaigns with the feature of A/B testing to make sure that the campaigns are in their best element.

  • Free templates are available for Zopto members. These templates are tried and tested, so you know that these are worth using.

  • Twitter engagement is an option too! Let your prospects know that you are interested in reaching out to them on Twitter as well to get their attention.

  • Integrate with other software for the best experience. Zapier integrations are available to connect with your most liked marketing tool.

  • Generate a list of all key prospects and integrate them to Zopto using CRM and track down their progress from prospects to paying customers.

  • Zopto loves to help out the customers. Reach the Zopto helpline that works with your time zone so you receive timely help. Users can also chat via calls, live chats, and e-mail according to their comfort level. There is no limit to customer support.

  • Users have access to set up campaigns and product tool so they know what they
    are dealing with.

  • LinkedIn experts are up and active with Zopto. These experts know the ins and outs of all successful LinkedIn campaigns to keep the users on track.

  • Zopto provides military-grade protection so that the LinkedIn profiles of the Zopto users are secure.

  • Zopto users have the option to have backup data for their campaigns through simple steps by their cloud to cloud backup.

  • Zopto users have to option to look at the stats without any issues to stay on top of the game. Zopto’s dashboard does an incredible job at displaying the stats and analytics that the users need to see.

  • A/B testing is available for various campaigns to see what sticks with the audience the best.

  • Users can efficiently export data for presentation to team members.

  • There is the availability of managing multiple accounts from a single admin console for easy access and quick results.


Pros of Using Zopto:

  • Zopto is an excellent tool to generate leads from automated campaigns.

  • Zopto makes it easy to reach out to the accounts that are otherwise impossible to reach.


Cons of Using Zopto:

  • Billing confirmation details can lag.

  • Once a campaign has started, it is not easy to just stop it until the prospect replies.



  • Personal - $215 per month (excluding Agency Dashboard and White Label Integration)

  • Growth - $395 per month (excluding White Label Integration)

  • Agency - $895 per month (Has all features available).


Try Zopto for Free Here!




7. Kennected


Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that provides its users with education and tools to generate sales using LinkedIn Marketing. It can be used by realtors, consultants, salespeople, freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, insurances, and attorneys alike.



  • Kennected sends out connection requests automatically, but not in bulk to make it look as natural as possible.

  • Automate your follow-ups up to ten times through a schedule till the prospect replies.

  • Reply detection is activated, alerting the user when the prospect has replied.

  • Kennected helps its users to find their key audience without, eliminating the cat and mouse chase. Kennected Laser's target reach helps the members find their core audience.

  • Kennected allows users to attach other valuable add-ons (such as eBooks and documents) along with the messages to the prospects.

  • Kennected users can generate sequences of campaigns once the key audience is identified. These campaigns can be edited, and new ones can be generated.

  • Kennected users can create multiple campaigns at once for the best results.

  • Kennected allows the members to connect up to a hundred prospects daily. Users can personalize auto sequences to generate predictable results and revenues.

  • Responding to prospects and the key audience is convenient for Kennected users. Simply hover over to the Response tab to check responses from the users, access current conversations, and pull up their profiles with simple clicks.

  • Generate a prospect list by integrating Kennected with FindThatLead,, and other integration software.

  • Collect the e-mails of the prospects using integration software and integrating them with Hubspot for easy access to email marketing software.

  • View all of the stats and analytics that your LinkedIn profile is generating. These are easily accessible via Dashboard that showcases the success of the campaigns so that the users can know where they stand.

  • Avoid reaching out to people over and over again by blacklisting the companies and users that have already reached out to.


Pros of using Kennected:

  • Kennected is very user-friendly.

  • Data-rich filters make it easy to find the true demographic.

  • It generates results quickly.


Cons of using Kennected:

  • Integrations can lag a bit.



  • Professional - $59.95/month/user (All Features in Free Plan; +30 Invites per Day; 120 Message Credits per Day).

  • Grow - $89.95/month/user (All Features in Professional+; 60 Invites per Day; 210 Message Credits per Day).

  • Ultimate - $115.95/month/user (All Features in Grow +; 100 Invites per Day; 360 Message Credits per Day).


Try Kennected for Free Here!







For users to take advantage of the LinkedIn software to increase their connections, build a core audience and convert prospects into paying customers. Many tools allow users to achieve their goals, but it is ultimately up to the users and their demands.



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