7 Best Landing Page Builders in 2022

landing page Jan 05, 2021


The role of landing pages in your websites and in giving your business a boost is vast. The importance of landing page builders can be determined when you own a business. You can explicitly observe the game-changing results after implementing this criterion of gathering visitors for your website.


The landing page builder has significantly impacted websites, and their usage is increasing with every single day passing. You can think of the landing page builders as the creation of online flyers for your business or company.


By creating eye-catching and beautiful, and user-attracting landing pages you can make your visitor sign up for the newsletter so that you can be updated about the latest updates and posts or if you are an e-commerce website so you can successfully sell products to your potential customers. 


The landing page builder platforms, besides providing the facility of creating landing pages, also allow users to access other marketing options.


Just by the creation of striking and noticeable landing page, and by capturing user’s information, you can work on this consistently and gather numerous customers. There are multitudinous landing page builders which by utilization in your business websites are surely going to act as nitro in your on-going business. 


 We have reviewed all the landing page builders in the market and chosen the best ones as listed below, from which you can bear sweet fruit:


1. Kartra – Best tool for marketing online businesses, especially for agencies.

2. Instapage – Best platform for creating engaging landing pages.

3. Kajabi – Best all-in-one platform, from landing page to marketing.

4. Leadpages – Best integration with third-party application.

5. Unbounce – Best platform for those who have no design capability.

6. Clickfunnels – Best software for landing pages with sales funnels.

7. Getresponse – Best automation tools.



1. Kartra

Kartra is one of the prominent and leading best landing page builder platform. If you plan to work with this builder, you have the right options to see great sales in your business. Kartra is an efficient sales funnel builder. The business owners who outrun their leading ventures and associate themselves with this platform build fantastic marketing strategies and eventually end up with astonishing results.


Kartra is a mighty software packet with all necessary management options. The first and foremost feature that it suppresses within itself is the provision of web hosting. Kartra owns hosting, and people can host their websites using Kartra.


If a person has web hosting and wants to continue with the same websites without any interruption between the switching of software. With Kartra, you can create your hosting page and continue smoothly with your business website. The second is the funnel building. In this tough competitive e-commerce line, funnel building is here to look out for your business websites' sales. Kartra creates a sales funnel and provides you with a much easier process as compared to other software.


Pros and Cons                                     


  • It has the best email management system. Kartra is equipped with an organized emailing system letting users set up email configuration very conveniently.
  • Kartra is a complete package of all necessary tools for the progression and promotion of online business. The software exhibits all the mandatory options such as email marketing, tagging options, sales funnel, and the creation of landing pages, which is a core feature having the potential to lure visitors.
  • One of the top-notch features of Kartra is the Membership subscription. One can avail of this subscription and then very conveniently make a portal of a variety of courses.
  • Kartra is pretty straightforward and easy to use the tool. The how-to-use guide provided for users is the best thing among its great versatile features.



  •  The most disliked feature of Kartra is that the people who purchase the lowest plan can only buy five products, which is extremely low. You definitely need the gold plan very soon. 
  • If you upload a huge amount of content, you will have to pay extra charges of the bandwidth.



Kartra has designed four pricing plans for its user. Following are the plans you can opt for as per your requirement:


This plan is designed for those who are just kick-starting their online business and are opting for email listing purposes. This plan can be purchased at the rate of $99/month and $79 if you bill yearly.


The silver plan contains more features than the starter ones. You will be provided with 125 GB bandwidth per month. You will get access to unlimited emails, and also, you will be awarded the Kartra agency. This plan is available for $199/month and $149 when paid annually.


This plan holds access to unlimited emails, five custom domains, unlimited bandwidth per month, and unlimited products. This plan is accessible at the price of $299/month and $249 if billed yearly.


This plan gives unlimited access to almost every feature. You will get 50,000 contacts, ten custom domains, and 400 GB bandwidth. This plan is available at the price of $399/monthly and $379 if billed annually.


You can start using Kartra here!



2. Instapage

Instapage was found in 2012 and was developed by great marketer and entrepreneur Tyson Quick. Instapage is an efficient and coherent landing page builder which design professional yet engaging landing pages for individual who owns online business and work for marketing campaigns. Instapage facilitates its users with excellent customizing options and developing unique and attractive landing pages for its user, which help boost their business. 


Over three million users have created over four billion landing pages for their online visitors and have experienced great reverberation. Instapage stands amongst those leading pages builder who provides various options to take your business game to the next level.


The most advanced landing page builder offers outstanding features of personalization, experimentation, Addmaps, collaboration with various campaigns, and page speed. 


You can create engaging landing pages by designing and customize them as per your will. Organizing them in a way that you can gather a huge number of audiences towards your online business will always be your priority, and with Instapage, who have got it all sorted.


Linking ads to your posts and blogs is another way of driving traffic. Visualizing ads and then linking them with your posts and landing pages will help your business go to the next level. With the fast page loading features, visitors won’t have to wait long enough, and the page would load in the minimum time.


Pros and Cons


  • Instapage Builder is equipped with a variety of options letting you design and offer you unique templates.
  • The feedback system of Instapage is very responsive and gives excellent responses.
  • People are fascinated by the drag and drop option of the Instapage. This option helps them in customizing and designing in a very sensible way.
  • The landing pages option in Instapage is enormous. The user can very easily customize the landing pages. It offers the features of the readymade header, footer, testimonial section, and much more.
  • Individuals who don’t know the ABC’s of developing and design are provided with the ease of readymade templates. This is no longer going to affect you if you are not a programmer or developer. With Instapage, you can design landing pages at much ease.


  • The prices are a bit high. The updated price chart is more expensive than basic plan in Kartra but cheaper than Kartra gold and platinum plans.
  • The custom code option in Instapage is not up to the mark. Advanced users may find it difficult to use, but general users will not face this thing.


Instapage has designed two pricing tables for its user. The following are the prices, as mentioned by Instapage.


This table is suitable for the business who like to design their landing pages in great ways to convert potential leads to a regular visitor. This plan is available for $149/month.

Conversion Cloud:

This is a customizable plan. To learn about the pricing details of this plan you can contact Instapage.


Try Instapage for free here!



3. Kajabi

Kajabi is a software designed for selling courses. The users can easily purchase a course as it is an all-in-one platform, so users without any hindrance can continue to learn without switching to other programs.


Kajabi offers two payment integration methods. One is Stripe, and the other is PayPal. Furthermore, through the immensely designed marketing tools of Kajabi, the user can also publicize their product and observe a rapid increase in their sales. Besides various marketing options, Kajabi is well equipped with tracking options. The tracking option lets the user keep track of the sales, and the user can also observe the progression in his business.


With Kajabi, you can create your website. One of the most amazing things along with the creation of a website is that you can also own a domain, which will help you find your courses on web browsers very easily. Kajabi also enables users to create their online courses from scratch. Kajabi offers various course creation option which helps users in creating video lectures, organizing classes, and the creation of online education content.


It will be not wrong if we say that the Kajabi is a compete for a package of the essential marketing and landing page creation tools. The user can use this software and build outstanding and great landing pages design.


Pros and Cons


  • The email marketing option is a great relief for users. This way, the user doesn’t have to interact with the third-party email provider to integrate it with their websites.

  • The easy to customize options are the most favorable. The users can conveniently customize landing pages, make changes to their course, and target a massive audience through email marketing tools.

  • Kajabi is a perfect fit for all leading companies. They have an impeccable customer service team who address their concern and queries in the minimum time possible.

  • The user interface is designed in a straightforward yet engaging way. Users can use it without any hassle of learning how to use it.



  • There are limited options in designed and customized landing pages. To be specific, the users cannot create fonts, layouts, and sales pages limitlessly.

  • Another drawback Kajabi exhibit is that even the basic package is expensive.



Kajabi has designed three pricing plans for its user. The users can avail of these plans as per their requirements.


The basic package will cost $119/month. The users will get three products, three pipelines, and unlimited landing page options.


The Growth Plan will cost you $159. The software will facilitate the users by receiving 15 products, 15 pipelines access to unlimited landing pages, 25000 contacts. There are more features the user can go through over the pricing plan.


The Pro plan will cost you $319. This software will facilitate the users by receiving 100 products, 100 pipelines access to unlimited landing pages, 1,000,000 contacts. There are more features the user can go through over the pricing plan and check out what more he will get.


Try Kajabi for free here! 


4. Leadpages


Leadpages is a platform where leading business owners and entrepreneurs maintain a notable online presence. Leadpages are vast and acing software for business owners to turn the potential visitors into regular customers.


Being a Leadpages user, you can create a website that turns you on click visitors into customers. The implementation of Leadpages in your running business will be a cherry on top. The substantial reason you should use Leadpages in your business is to build a professional website and optimize it enough to get clients and customers to take your business to the next level. This will help you in scaling your business to a greater extends. Every page you will publish through Leadpages will enhance itself to collect a considerable number of sales.


The website you will create using this platform will be code-free. To be specific, you don’t have to be tech-savvy and a pro in coding to create websites and landing pages. Along with this feature will also get access to various templates, which is a huge plus.


Pros and Cons


  • The easy-to-use interface is the most prominent and loved feature of Leadpages. Just y drop and dragging you can make things go well as per your ideas and design.

  • The Leadpages confides itself with various features that you can customize yourself.

  • You can very quickly build an engaging landing page to convert converts the leads into genuine customers.

  • Leadpages are enriched with plenty of knowledge about the other resources and supply vast knowledge about marketing and funnels.

  • Leadpages ensure that its user reaps the benefits efficiently by providing great training courses ad other resources.

  • Leadpages without any hindrance support the integration of software with the third party.



  • People who are not tech-savvy or are not interested in internet stuff can find it a bit tricky to use it.

  • The user cannot write custom Html and CSS code quickly. They face a lot of issues while incorporating such codes.

  • Leadpages does not allow the integration of the software with live chat and chatbots.




The standard plan of Leadpages is up to grab for $27/month. This plan is suitable for one website. This plan will provide you free web hosting and a free domain for your site.


The standard plan of Leadpages is up to grab for $59/month. This plan is suitable for three websites. This plan will provide you free web hosting and a free custom domain for your site. You will be awarded unlimited traffic and lead. Along with these features, you will also get the customer support of Leadpages.


This plan is available for $239/month. This plan is suitable for up to fifty websites, following by many more other flabbergasting features. You are provided with free web hosting along with a custom domain option. The 40+ standard integration option is a massive plus in this plan. This plan will incorporate itself with the lead option and mobile-responsive templates as well.


Try Leadpages for free here!


5. Unbounce

Unbounce is a Canadian based software company that provides the facility of creating attractive and engaging landing pages. Without indulging yourself in any hassle of coding, you will be able to create stunning landing pages luring an audience towards your websites, which in return will help in creating potential leads into customers.


By implementing this page builder on your business website, you can observe a vast difference in your business, and that difference is a positive one. Specifically, you will watch a significant number of visitors; along with that, you will see a considerable boost in your business.


Pros and Cons


  • Unbounce offers great sales funnel that helps you in knowing your sales journey.

  • Unbounce provides a variety of options for landing pages. To be specific, you can create a landing page for your business either from scratch or make great use of ready-made templates.

  • Unbounce is a robust and systematic tool providing a huge number of integrations.

  • Unbounce supports the integration of the software with zapier, which allows feeding the information between landing pages and CRMs.

  • You can customize even minor details without having acquaintance with Html and CSS.

  • With Unbounce, you will experience minimum web page load time.



  • The documentation option has no automation and lacks to build things on its own.

  • If the user encounters an integration error, the error is not specified by the system.

  • Sometimes the system compresses the images a lot, making the picture blurry enough to be seen as unclear.


Pricing plans


The launch plan will cost you $80/month. This plan is suitable for you if you just got started with your small business and are looking for a page builder, so this plan is a perfect fit for you.


With this plan, you are all set to optimize your pages and the leads and ready to be converted into customers. This plan is available for $120/month.


This plan is suitable for leading and rapidly growing companies and businesses. This plan is available at $200/month. If your business is accelerating at high speed and you want to add a feather in a cap, this plan offers great features in that aspect.


If your business has come a long way has reached the extreme height of success, and the only thing left is driving massive traffic towards your site, this plan is an excellent fit for you. You can purchase this plan at the price of $300/month.


Try Unbounce for free here!


6. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a complete all in one tool which is great for selling your products online. You can market your product on a large scale and generate a massive number of sales through this. Technically, this tool is designed for entrepreneurs with brilliant brains but lack in coding and designing. So, this platform offers all-ready-made material you will need in your business progression and in publicizing your product.


Pros and Cons


  • The integration with a third-party application is exceptionally smooth. You can easily integrate email and payment gateways.

  • This page builder is suitable for those individuals who don’t know knowing coding.

  • Among the page land page builder, Clickfunnels is so far the best funnel software in the market.

  • Clickfunnels facilitates its user with email and marketing automation options.

  • The user interface of Clickfunnels is relatively straightforward and easy to use.



  • Setting up a funnel is a bit tricky in Clickfunnels. It has various places where we can change the URL of the pages, which perplexes a lot to the user.

  • Clickfunnels does not provide any training for its user, and the support system is not much responsive.

  • The cost of the Clickfunnels plan is very pricy.



There are three pricing plans, as below:


This plan is available for $97/month. This plan will allow you to share the funnel with others.

Clickfunnels Platinum:

The Clickfunnels platinum is available at the price of $297/month. With this plan, you can create unlimited funnels just by dragging and dropping and quickly creating a variety of unlimited pages.

Two Comma ClubX:

The Two Comma ClubX is available at a rate of $2497/month. With this plan, you can easily create unlimited funnels by dragging and dropping and creating endless, customizable pages. You will also get access to 25 payment gateway integration.


Try Clickfunnels for free here!


7. Getresponse

Getresponse is a reliable email-marketing platform where the business owner can create email listing and plan strategies to build excellent professional relations with the clients, partner, and prospects. Getresponse is a proficient email marketing platform where the business owner can build contacts to gather huge traffic.


Besides offering email marketing features, it also renders features such as landing page creation options, training webinars, and an email automation system. It offers excellent integration with leading CMS systems such as WordPress, Shopify, and more.


Pros and Cons


  • One of the most appealing features of Getresponse is the automation tools, which make things move smoothly.

  • The user can easily integrate google analytics and sales force.

  • Getresponse is packed with a great option of drag and drop, which helps create attractive landing pages.

  • The customer support system of Getresponse is very responsive as it looks after the queries of its user wholeheartedly.



  • One feature that makes it less favorable than others is that it supports only 500 webinar attendees.

  • The call and support system is only great if you are associated with the max plan.

  • When you need to implement a third-party plugin, the process can get a bit complicated.

  • Getresponse does not provide easy access and guidelines to work on this platform conveniently.



Getresponse renders four pricing plans, which are as follows:


The basic plan available for $15/month. This plan comprises features that enable the user to send emails and helps in building extensive contacts.


The plus package is the most popular and most recommended. This plan is up for sale for $49/month. This plan will help you in growing your business by generating leads and selling your products.


With the pro plan, you are all set to optimize your website's pages, which will help you gain traffic. This plan is up to grab for $99/month, offering efficient automation and integration options.


The Max plan is stuffed with all the mandatory characteristics you will need to scale up your running business to a greater extend. For the price, you can contact Getresponse.


Try Getresponse for free here!




Precisely, we have been awarded the best landing page builders’ software. Every software incorporates itself with impeccable and outstanding features, and people can use this software as per their needs. For instance, Kartra offers an amazing feature of email marketing and the creation of landing pages. If you are looking to add a feather to your website regarding the course, then Kajabi is the best option to go for. It offers all mandatory options and offers outstanding websites and landing page templates required to gather massive traffic towards your site.

It all depends on your business. You make your choices as per your needs, and it's for sure that implementing these tools to observe a massive boost in your business is worth it. Along with this great software, the other above also incorporate themselves with unique and astounding features.

If you are interested, here is a table comparing all characteristics of these 7 platforms to show you how we have determined their rankings. 






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