7 Best Domain registrars in the market in 2022

domain/hosting/vps Jan 06, 2021
Domain registrars in the market

Most businesses rely on huge levels of online presence to ensure that their brand stays relevant. As a business or brand owner, you need a functioning website to increase your reach and conversion rate. The process of getting a proper website seems straightforward, but there are certain intrinsic details that you must execute.

One of such details involves creating a domain name that suits your brand and business. The domain name must be one that is memorable and snappy as it helps attract your prospective clients. The struggle for a perfect domain name does not just end when you develop an idea; you need to go further.

There is a high chance that you could lose that perfect domain name if you do not act fast. As soon as you come up with a perfect name, the next process involves registering that domain name. The best Domain registrars provide services that entail selling and registering domain names for brands and businesses.

There are lots of domain registrars out there, and each one has its unique qualities. You must use the best domain registrar as it goes a long way in pushing your brand. This article outlines 7 of the best domain registrar available in the market presently. You also get to know some of each top unique qualities of the domain registrar before making a choice.

Do you have a tough time choosing from the best domain registrars? This article narrows your search to the best 7 domain registrars based on specific parameters. Here is a ranking of 7 of the best domain in the market today;


  1. Best platform for variety of hosting plans.

  2. Hostgator: Flexible pricing plan and an array of useful features to pick from.

  3. Bluehost: The Bluehost platform has an incredible uptime.

  4. Dreamhost: Free website building tools and customer-friendly prices.

  5. Hover: Ease of accessibility is topnotch on this platform.

  6. Namecheap: The platform has exciting features that include domain transfer.

  7. Beginner-friendly platform that ensures seamless registration process.






The registration platform has been around for almost two decades; this makes them an undisputable force in domain registration. This platform allows you to register every available domain name extensions and lots of country code top-level domains. gives you all of the necessary tools for proper domain management to help you get the best out of your platform. One interesting feature of the platform is that you can register a domain name with or without web hosting.

Asides from domain registration, also offers you a variety of services. You can get services like website builder, web hosting, and business emails on to compliment your brand. This essentially means that you can get all the necessary tools you need to build your website on the platform.

There is an option to pick from a variety of hosting plans for site owners, whether it is VPS hosting, shared hosting, or even WordPress hosting plans. Each plan comes with free domain names, large disk space, an SSL certificate, and many marketing tools. You could also decide to go with the basic website builder feature that affords you tons of templates alongside drag & drop features.

Pricing: The pricing plans are very much affordable when compared with many other top domain registration platforms. The registration rate starts at $2.99, and many .com or .net domains can be registered for less than $10. You get to choose from a range of domains like .org, .space, and .tech. You can secure a domain name for as long as five years on the platform.

There is 24/7 support that answers all of your inquiries in terms of customer support in no time. Live support is available via live chat or email; there is also 24/7 phone support. The FAQ area is also accessible for subscribers who seek answers to registration related questions.


  • Wide variety of hosting plans
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Availability of lots of domains
  • Responsive customer support


Try here for free!



2. Hostgator


Hostgator is one of the most advanced domain registration providers for prospective website owners. The company currently hosts more than 8 million domains, and this is a testament to its capabilities. As a potential website owner, you get to choose from various hosting plans that perfectly suit your brand. The platform offers cloud, VPS, web, and even windows hosting to clients.

One of the top qualities of Hostgator is its excellent uptime and its super-fast loading speed. Once you buy a plan, the platform gives you an array of website building tools to get your website running. The platform offers domain names that apply to various business backgrounds, whether it is private or public.


You can get all of your website building needs because HostGator offers domain registration, web hosting, and other features. As soon as you register your choice of a domain name, HostGator immediately locks the domain name and makes it unavailable for others. Also, if your preferred domain extension like .com or .net is not available, HostGator suggests other excellent domains.


Pricing: The pricing is pretty decent as you can get a .com domain for as low as $12.99 annually. Some of the plans you get to choose from include; the hatchling cloud plan, the baby cloud plan, and the business cloud plan. Hostgator offers existing customers the chance to get a top domain for as low as $2.99 annually. Interestingly, Hostgator offers a 45days money-back guarantee for all of their hosting services. There is also the option of privacy protection, which costs an additional $14.95 annually.


The customer support on Hostgator is topnotch as the platform offers 24/7 support. You get to lodge complaints via live chats, telephone, and even email ticket system. There are also many video tutorials and helpful articles that help you through domain registration and web hosting.



  • Unlimited email accounts and disk space.
  • Flexible payment periods
  • Topnotch 24/7 customer support
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Free website builder


Try Hostgator for free here!



3. Bluehost


This web hosting and domain registration platform has been functional for more than 15 years. Bluehost presently hosts over two million websites, and its services are topnotch. Although it is mainly known as a web hosting service provider, it also provides excellent domain registration services to clients.

The platform remains one of the biggest web hosting companies worldwide, and they are officially a WordPress hosting partner. Bluehost offers domain lock to customers as soon as they pay for any pricing plans; this makes it impossible for others to use that particular domain name.

Bluehost offers you an array of services alongside domain registration, especially if you are looking to build your own site. There is the offer of a free hosting package on every domain you purchase, and you get to choose from lots of hosting plans, whether it is VPS hosting, WooComerce hosting, Dedicated hosting, Word Press hosting, or even reseller hosting.


The platform has an incredible uptime, and this makes the platform quite dependable. Also, the platform gives you a search system while picking a suitable domain name. When your preferred domain name is not available, the system suggests other alternatives. You will also be intrigued by the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the platform if you are not satisfied with their hosting service.


Pricing: Like some of the best domain registrars, Bluehost gives you all of the necessary tools you need for hosting and website building at an affordable price. You can get some popular domains like the .com domain at about $12.99 per year. However, if you are using Bluehost for website hosting, you get to have a free domain from the platform for a year.

The pricing gets even better when you consider the fact that Bluehost offers shared hosting plans from just $2.95 monthly. You can also opt for privacy protection at an extra charge of $11.88 annually.

The customer care support is excellent, and you can be sure of getting answers to your queries within a short time. Support is available 24/7 via various platforms and channels.



  • Web hosting and domain registration in one place
  • Privacy protection for potential clients
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • A vast array of hosting plans at affordable pricing


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4. Dreamhost


Dreamhost is another reputable platform that offers some of the best domain registration tools you need for your website. The platform is one of the best domain registrars, and they also offer web hosting services to clients. The platform offers great uptime and topnotch security to clients who register domain names with them.

One standout feature of this platform is the ease with which users can register their domain name. As soon as you secure and register a domain name, Dreamhost immediately locks that domain name to prevent others from using it. Upon renewal of your plan, you can choose to keep the name for as long as you desire.

Clients get to choose from various hosting plans that best suit their website needs, whether it is personal or business-related. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, amongst other hosting plans. You also get to pick from a variety of website building tools available for free on the platform.


Pricing: The pricing is consumer-friendly as you get to register a domain name for as low as $8.99 per year. The platform also makes it possible for you to buy a domain name from them without necessarily hosting with them. Each domain purchase and registration is inclusive of free private WHOIS registration for clients.

You also get a free domain management tool that allows you to add pages to your website without the need for fresh registration. Other options available via domain management tools include domain forwarding, DNS record editing, amongst others. Customer support on the platform is topnotch, and support responds to queries 24/7.



  • Topnotch cloud hosting options
  • Quick domain registration
  • Powerful security features and domain management tools
  • Money-back guarantee


Try Dreamhost here for free!



5. Hover

Hover is a popular domain name registrar, and it is one of the best domain name registrars in the market. The platform prides itself on being an easy-to-use domain registration platform. Registration on their website is seamless and straightforward. You set out to find a suitable domain name for your brand via the search engine.

The platform brings all of the available domain names alongside the corresponding pricing. You get also get a filter bar that allows you to customize the type of domain name you desire. Categories in the filter bar include a personal website, business website, food & drinks website, and video & audio website. The filters help you locate suitable domains quickly without having to surf through thousands of entries.


Pricing: The pricing is fair and quite reasonable when compared with other best domain registrars. Domains like the .com cost around $12.99 while .org costs $13.99 and .co.Uk costs $10.99. Hover offers bundled discounts to clients who are looking to register multiple domains. There are other added services on the platform; one of such is the custom email to match your domain name.

The customer support is quite outstanding despite some of its shortcomings. Customer support is limited to certain periods on weekdays and weekends. However, you can be sure of getting a quick response to your inquiries once you adhere to the timing. Live customer support agents attend to clients rather than Autobots, as is the case with other domain registrars.

In all, hover is perfect for you if you desire a domain registration platform that is easy to use. Their minimalist approach makes it easy for you to register your domain name within a short time.


  • Excellent ease of use
  • Search support system for clients
  • Added services like custom email
  • No upselling or annoying adverts
  • Topnotch customer support system


You can try Hover here!



6. Namecheap


Namecheap is a popular domain registration platform that has been around for many years. The platform currently hosts over 7 million domains and more than 2 million customers. Namecheap offers a variety of services that makes it ideal for people looking to try alternative domain registration options.

The platform is a place where you can host your domain while there’s also the option of transferring from other domains. There’s a spam and privacy protection feature for those looking for added security. Also, users get a free domain privacy offer with every domain name that’s being registered on the platform. Some of the other services offered on the platform include; app integration, SSL certificates and email systems.

In terms of accessibility, Namecheap remains one of the most user-friendly domain registration platforms. You are sure to encounter no issues when choosing a domain name as there’s an excellent domain search tool on the platform.

Pricing: Namecheap’s pricing plans is one of the most competitive in the domain registration sphere. You can get a .com domain registered with as little as $8.8 and it comes with WHOIS privacy protection. There’s a yearly renewal charge of $12.9 on every domain acquired on the platform; the price is less when you purchase the domain for up to 10 years. Privacy protection is free for the first year, you get to pay $3 for subsequent years.


The platform has a proper customer care support system that’s available on various platforms. You can make enquiries via the 24/7 live chat or the email ticket system.



  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Free privacy protection on all domains for first year
  • Possibility of domain transfer


You can try namecheap here!





This platform has been in existence for more than 20 years, and it currently hosts more than 2.5 million domains. allows you to register a domain name of your choice while subsequently helping you through the website building process.

Aside from domain registration, the platform also offers a wide range of useful services in building websites. Some important features on the platform include; email services. Domain transfers and online marketing tools.

Their platform is quite intuitive and easy-to-use; this makes it ideal for beginners looking to register a domain. The website builder feature is also topnotch as there is the availability of templates that help you get going. Some of the templates already have pre-written contents that might be useful on your website.

The company also offers users who have online businesses SEO tools for search optimization. They have professionals who consult with you while helping you rank your website on search listings. The good thing about SEO tools is that your site pops up on every popular search engine, and it boosts the online presence of your business.


Pricing: Registration plans of this platform are on the pricy side. There are several plans that you get to choose from. The standard plan starts from $5 monthly, and it comes with a free email account, templates, and image library, amongst other things. There is also the choice of privacy protection, which comes at an additional $11 yearly.

In terms of customer support, ranks among the best domain registrar presently. They have customer support for each of the services they offer on their platform. Whether you have issues with hosting, domain registration, or even email support, you will be directed to the appropriate channel. They have well-trained specialists that are always available to answer your queries. The support team is available between designated timeframes, and they are also reachable to social media sites.


  • Reputable and reliable domain registration platform
  • They offer SEO tools and other essential marketing tools
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Topnotch customer support



Factors to consider before choosing the best domain registrar

Right before you set out to pick the most suitable domain registration platform for your business, you need to consider certain factors. Some of these factors are outlined below;

  • Pricing: Most of the best domain registrars offer their services at specific prices, and you should factor your budget into your decision. Top domains like .com, .org, and .net are likely to be more expensive than others. Also, some platforms offer lots of flexibility in their payments while others do not. You should ensure that you check out the flexibility of each platform alongside the renewal fees you have to pay yearly.
  • Features: The best domain registration platforms offer varying features and services. Some platforms give you a range of hosting features once you pay for a hosting plan. Features like marketing tools, Search engine optimization, and email customization should rank amongst your priorities.
  • Ease of Use: Registering a domain name should not be too tedious, even for a novice. A proper domain registration platform affords you the chance to register your domain name with ease. Certain domain registrars also add search bars on their platform; these search bars help you filter available domain names instantly.
  • Security and stability: You should place a premium on this particular feature as it sometimes determines the amount of uptime of your website. Certain domain registration platforms allow you to pay for privacy protection separately to keep your data safe.


 If you are interested how we gave ranking to these platforms, here is the table with all the details:



The process of creating a business or personal website is not often as tedious as it sounds. First, you need to register a domain name that truly represents your brand. There are many domain registration platforms in the market, but most of them do not offer premium functionality. This article outlines the 7 best domain registrars you can use in 2021.

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