7 Best Web Hosting platforms in 2022

domain/hosting/vps Feb 13, 2021
7 Best Web Hosting platforms in 2021

All businesses require some level of digital presence to keep up with modern trends. Top-notch websites are among the many tools that these businesses use to get their products across to clients. If you’ve been considering the possibility of creating a website for your business, the best time is now.


Often, business owners become daunted by the technicalities that come with creating a portable website. However, you can have a website for your business without necessarily going through lots of stress. All you need is the right tool and adequate information.


One of the many steps you need to take on becoming a website owner involves choosing a good hosting platform. You’ll definitely have a myriad of options when it comes to this phase of creating a website. It’s not just enough to pick a hosting platform; you need to choose your website's best hosting platform.


Each hosting platform has its own unique peculiarities and shortcomings; this is why you need adequate information. This article sheds some light on some of the 7 best hosting platforms' unique features in 2021. You’ll also get to know about the pricing of these hosting platforms.



Here are the best webhosting platforms available on the market in 2021: 

Bluehost: Best platform for hosting wordpress websites.

HostGator: Best hosting platform for business websites.

Siteground: Best hosting platform for beginners who are learning the ropes.

Hostinger: Best hosting platform for enhanced performance control. Best platform to get basic web hosting needs.

Namecheap: Best platform for optimal server uptime.

Dreamhost: Best hosting platform for shared web hosting



1. Bluehost


The Bluehost platform has been around for decades, and its popularity as a top hosting platform continues to soar. The hosting platform is well suited to small business owners looking to build a website for their brand.

Bluehost remains one of the most reliable hosting platforms in 2021. The platform has been in continual use for many years, and it remains a great option if you’re looking for reliability.



  • WordPress hosting: One of the biggest Benefits of Bluehost as a hosting platform is its efficiency in WordPress hosting. If you desire to create a WordPress website, Bluehost might be your best bet.

  • Loading Speed: You never have to worry about loading speed or other setbacks on the Bluehost platform, except you have numerous plugins.

  • Versatility and dependability: In terms of versatility, the platform gives you lots of options for a premium hosting platform. The platform currently hosts over 2 million websites; this is definitely huge.

  • User friendliness: One intriguing quality of the site is its user-friendliness; you can set up your website in minutes.

  • Unique features: There are also varieties of features available to beginners and intermediate users.



Bluehost offers a decent pricing plan when compared to the features on show. These plans are affordable, and you get to choose one that fits your bill.

  • The hosting plan starts at $2.75 per month, and there is a monthly renewal option.

  • Basic plan starts at $3.95 per month.

  • Choice plus plan at $5.95 per month.

Customers also get a 30-day money-back guarantee feature on each plan.


Customer support: One of the most commendable features on the Bluehost platform is the 24/7 customer support. You get to make inquiries and lodge complaints via a variety of channels; live chat, email ticket system, and phone support. There’s also a myriad of the available information in the FAQ section of their website.



  • Variety of security options for users

  • The platform has very low downtime

  • Flexible pricing plans

  • Lightning speed page loading

  • Top-notch customer support


  • Relatively cheap pricing plans

  • Outstanding storage space

  • Unmetered bandwidth



  • Backup options are limited



Try Bluehost for free here!




2. Hostgator


This hosting service provider offers a variety of hosting services at extremely competitive prices. Aside from the fact that they are one of the biggest hosting companies around, they also deliver efficiency. The platform guarantees top-notch uptime for people looking to host their business websites.



  • Unique security level: Hostgator offers a unique level of security to your website for each of the plans. The sitelock monitoring feature ensures your site is secure by looking out for potential hacks or security breaches.

  • Seamless website transfer: The mere fact that Hostgator allows you to transfer your data from your previous hosting platforms makes them very dependable.


Hosting plans 

Hostgator offers three hosting plans, namely, hatchling, baby, and business plans. Each plan offers a variety of features that are based on your demands.

  • Hatchling hosting plan: The hatchling hosting plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and free WordPress.

  • Baby hosting plan: This plan comes with a free SSL certificate, free domain for the first year, and unlimited storage.

  • Business plan: For businesses that require more sophisticated websites, the business plan is well suited for this purpose. The plan affords you access to free SEO tools, positive SSL upgrade, and it has its own dedicated IP.



Hostgator’s pricing is in three different categories;

  • The hatchling plan starts at $2.64 per month

  • The baby plan starts at $3.38 per month

  • The business plan starts at $5.08 per month

The pricing is relatively cheap and flexible as you get to choose a plan that suits your needs. The platform also offers a 45-day money-back offer to its subscribers.


Customer support

You get to experience a premium customer care experience on the Hostgator platform. There are various options for those looking for answers to their queries; phone support, live chat, and even an email system. You get connected to customer care representatives within minutes, and you can be certain of getting valuable responses.



  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

  • Free website migration and transfer

  • 45-day refund guarantee

  • Extremely fast loading time

  • Flexible hosting options and plans



  • Abundance of storage

  • Unmetered bandwidth

  • Flexible hosting plans



  • Prices shoot up upon renewal


Try Hostgator for free here!



3. Siteground


This platform is one of the best hosting platforms in 2021. It has an array of hosting plans that make it suitable for small, medium, and large businesses.

The platform currently hosts more than 2 million websites, and this is a testament to its incredible efficiency.

The hosting platform is particularly suited to people who are learning the ropes.



  1. They allow seamless transfer of WordPress sites via WP migrator login. This means you can easily switch providers without necessarily losing important data. It’s a feature that’s suited to businesses that like to try new hosting platforms.

  2. The platform offers SSH access, unlimited databases and email addresses, a website builder tool, and SSL. You get to use any of these tools when subscribing to the shared hosting plan.


Hosting Plans

Siteground offers a variety of hosting plans, from shared hosting plans to cloud hosting services. You get to choose from three subscription plans;

  • Startup hosting plan

  • GrowBig hosting plan

  • GoGeek hosting plan




Siteground’s pricing plans are quite attractive and flexible;

  • The Startup plan starts at $3.95 per month, which becomes $11.95 per month upon renewal.

  • The GrowBig plan starts at $5.95 per month, which becomes $19.95 per month upon renewal.

  • The Startup plan starts at $11.95 per month, which becomes $34.95 per month upon renewal.


Customer support

This platform has one of the best customer support team among every other hosting platform. Asides from the fact that the support team responds to query 24/7, it’s also efficient. There’s the possibility of reaching the support team via live chat, email ticketing, and phone support. The support team also responds to queries in a couple of languages.



  • 24/7 top-notch customer support

  • Security solution for websites

  • Free website builder tool



  • Great uptime

  • User friendly platform

  • Customer Support is incredible



  • The pricing is on the high side

  • Database size is limited



Try Siteground for free here!




4. Hostinger


Hostinger remains one of the biggest providers of web hosting services today. With over 30 million users currently using the platform, it ranks amongst the best hosting platforms in 2021. This platform offers a powerful web hosting tool that serves websites of all sizes. You can count on hostinger to deliver an affordable hosting service with intuitive features to you. The platform has an incredible uptime, and this is suited to people looking to have their site running without hiccups. They guarantee about 99.9% uptime, and this is quite dependable.



  1. The hostinger platform relies on their own technology to deliver top-notch services.

  2. Hostinger has its own customized control panel that ensures better performance control at relatively lower costs.

  3. The platform also ensures users have a smooth experience while building their websites via its free website builder tool.


Hosting Plans

Hostinger currently offers three hosting plans to prospective subscribers; single shared hosting plan, premium shared hosting plan, and business shared hosting plan.


  • Single shared hosting plan offers free cloud storage and more than 1 website per account. All of the plans also come with free SSL. You get 10GB SSD storage, 100GB Bandwidth, 2 Databases, 2 CPU cores, and 3GB RAM and GIT access.


  • The premium shared hosting plan gives you access to 100 websites, 20GB of SSD storage, free email, free domain, managed WordPress, and unlimited bandwidth.


  • The business shared hosting plan gives you access to 100 websites, 100GB of SSD storage, free email, free domain, managed WordPress, and unlimited bandwidth.



Hostinger offers competitive prices for all of its shared hosting plans. The fact that the plans are flexible means you can choose one that suits your needs.

  • Single shared hosting plan starts from $0.99 per month, and it increases to $2.99 per month when you renew.

  • The premium shared hosting plan goes for $1.99 per month, and it increases to $4.99 per month when you renew.

  • The shared business hosting plan, which is particularly suited to big businesses, goes for $3.99 per month, and it increases to $8.99 per month when you renew the plan.

  • WordPress hosting starts at $2.99 per month, while cloud hosting starts at $9.99 per month.


Customer support

The platform offers robust customer support services with the availability of several options. You get to make inquiries via the 24/7 live chat and email ticketing. The customer support team also supports multiple languages, and this makes it possible to make inquiries in various languages.



  • Free SSL certificate

  • Windows VPS hosting



  • Multilingual customer support

  • Relatively affordable hosting plans



  • Uptime is poor

  • There’s no phone support



Try Hostinger for free here!






This platform remains a household name in the domain registration and hosting industry. offers top tier hosting features alongside other website building tools in one place.

When you opt for’s website hosting, you get to choose between shared hosting and VPS hosting. The platform also offers WordPress hosting plans and WP Live.



  1. is perfect if you’re looking for a hosting platform that gives you all of the basic web hosting needs. Tools like storage, email, and web builder tools are available on the platform.


  1. One of the most exciting features of’s hosting platform is the free website builder. It is free on all of the platform’s shared hosting plans, and it’s quite easy to use. What this means is that beginners can easily use the tool to create their website in record time.


Hosting plans

The platform offers a range of shared hosting plans that can be personalized to help you grow your businesses.

  • Basic plan: Best for simple websites.

  • Deluxe plan: Good for managing multiple websites

  • Ultra plan: Suited to websites with heavy traffic

The shared hosting plan has basic features that include; free SSL, unlimited storage, scalable bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, and free cloud storage. You can easily host multiple small and medium-sized websites on any of their shared servers.



All of’s shared hosting plans come at relatively competitive prices. Each plan comes with sizable storage space and bandwidth for ease of use.

  • The basic plan is perfect for people looking to create a small website, and pricing starts at $3.75 per month.

  • The pricing for the deluxe plan starts at $6.75 per month, and it allows you to manage multiple websites.

  • The pricing for the ultra plan starts at $13.75 monthly.

Each plan gives you access to unlimited storage, scalable bandwidth, and free SSL.


Customer Support offers 24/7 support services to customers looking to make inquiries on the platform. The team provides technical support throughout your onboarding experience. The support team can be reached via live chat and email ticketing.



  • Free SSL certificate

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Scalable bandwidth



  • Free cloud storage

  • Unlimited storage



  • Obsolete website builder

  • Absence of dedicated servers



Try for free here!




6. Namecheap


The Namecheap platform is a reliable domain registrar and website hosting service provider. Their services range from shared hosting to website reselling, amongst others. Namecheap has been around for many decades, and they currently play host to more than 7 million domains.

In terms of server uptime, Namecheap ranks high when compared with other hosting service providers.



  1. The platform is particularly suited to beginners and intermediates who require basic tools for creating their website.

  2. Namecheap offers many of these tools on the cpanel of its website, where you can install them with just a click.

  3. If you’re looking to change your website hosting provider without losing vital data, Namecheap offers free website migration. This basically means that you can move your website to Namecheap from other hosting providers at no cost.

  4. They also provide a privacy protection policy at a cost; this helps you keep your data safe on the platform.

  5. Other benefits include: unmetered bandwidth, free website builder, and free integration. You also get to host up to three websites with the starter plan; this is quite rare amongst other hosting providers.



Namecheap offers fairly competitive prices for its hosting plans, and each package gives you optimal value.

  • The value package starts at $9.88 while it increases to $38.88 per year upon renewal.

  • The professional package starts at $19.88 while it increases to $78.88 per year upon renewal.

  • The ultimate package starts at $29.88 while it increases to $129.88 per year upon renewal.

  • The business pro package starts at $19.88 while it changes to $17.98 per month upon renewal.


Customer support

Customer support on the Namecheap platform is above average. There aren’t many options available to users looking to lodge complaints. Namecheap offers live chat, but there isn’t phone support, and this is a drawback. Users generally get their complaints resolved within one hour.



  • Free SSL certificates

  • Competitive pricing plans

  • Large data storage



  • Great uptime

  • The load time is decent
  • Intuitive website builder tool for beginners



  • Customer support is inconsistent



Try Namecheap for free here!




7. Dreamhost


This is a great platform for shared web hosting plans, and the pricing is relatively competitive. Dreamhost has been a top web hosting platform for many decades, and they continue to provide dependable services.

They keep up with the latest trends by adapting their web hosting solutions. The platform currently hosts more than 1.5 million websites.



  1. Asides from the fact that the platform is beginner-friendly, it also loads with great speed.

  2. They provide tons of adaptable services that lets you change the face of your business within minutes.

  3. Dreamhost is also one of the few hosting service providers that offer standalone email hosting to its users.

  4. With more than 25GB of storage by default, you have ample space to store files.

  5. The platform also provides an ad-free webmail software platform for its plans.

  6. Security-wise, Dreamhost provides optimal security against spam and hacks. The smart anti-spam filter is designed to filter out spam messages and possible malware. The filter is very adaptive, and it detects threats at all times.

  7. One of the top exciting features on the Dreamhost platform is the personalized hosted email account. This means that you can have total control over your data without unnecessary ads popping up.



Dreamhost offers two different packages for its hosting plan; shared starter and shared unlimited.

  • The shared starter plan starts at $3.95 per month, and it comes with; 1 website, Free website builder, free automated WordPress migration, free SSL certificate, free SSD storage, and preinstalled WordPress.

  • The shared unlimited plan starts at $8.95 per month, and it has all of the features on the shared starter plan with the addition of unlimited websites.


Customer support

Dreamhost offers top-notch customer support even though the approach is a little non-orthodox. Theirs is 24/7 email support for lodging complaints and making inquiries. However, the LiveChat support is only available during business hours. To access the phone support on the platform, You must make a payment of an additional $9.95.



  • Free Migration tool

  • Unlimited traffic

  • Flexible pricing plans



  • Unlimited Bandwidth allocation

  • Unlimited data storage space

  • Optimal uptime for websites



  • Inconsistent Customer support

  • The control panel isn’t intuitive



Try Dreamhost for free here!





Businesses need websites to flourish, and these websites require a hosting platform. There are lots of hosting platforms out there, but only a few offer premium features. This article outlines some of the 7 best hosting platforms in 2021.

The article highlights the selling point of each of the hosting platforms and their core features.

It is essential that you decide on the best hosting platform that suits your website needs.

Some of the factors to put into consideration include; hosting options available, average uptime and downtime, pricing plans, user-friendliness, storage space, security, loading time, website migration options, and many more.

These factors will help you have a clear picture of what you need from your hosting platform.

The article also ranks each of these sites with points shared according to three specific factors; features, pricing, and customer care support.

This table will help you better understand the core strengths of each of the 7 best hosting platforms in 2021.



If you are wondering, how we gave ranking to each of these platforms mentioned above, here is the table to show the details:


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