7 Best Online Phone Services for Business in 2022

online business phone Mar 10, 2021
Best Online Phone Services for Business

You simply cannot ignore the fact that technology continues to improve certain facets of communication. Before now, employees and partners often had a tough time communicating ideas and information across the board. The adoption of cloud voice over IP has added more flexibility in terms of communication for businesses.


Online phone services now make it easier for a centralized platform of communication. Employees can now communicate ideas with colleagues even while working from home. The phone service system also helps business owners deliver prompt, professional services to their clients in no time. It’s a platform that helps both the business owner and the client achieve huge results.


One interesting thing about the VOIP system is that it’s even more affordable than the famed traditional communication system. Users can make calls, send voice notes and text messages and even make video calls on the platform. Online phone services are also really easy to install; installation can be carried out within minutes.


It’s an interesting time for business owners as they can use this platform to great effects. However, it’s essential that you choose a proper online phone service for your business to get optimal results.



This article takes a look at some of the 7 best online phone services for your business in 2021.


1. Grasshopper: Best All-in-one Virtual Phone for Startups and Small Businesses.

2. RingBlaze: Best Virtual phone system for enhancing growth via client communication.

3. Nextiva: Best Virtual phone system for businesses with multiple locations.

4. VirtualPBX: Best Virtual phone system for streamlining communication in big businesses

5. MightyCall: Best online phone service for boosting sales via customer relations

6. Ooma: Best online phone service provider for small and medium scale businesses

7. RingCentral: Best online phone service for businesses with low-scale communication needs.




1. Grasshopper


This platform places its core focus on functionality and versatility. Grasshopper perfectly suits businesses that have employees scattered across several locations. Businesses can continually portray professionalism to clients while using the grasshopper platform. The platform makes it possible for distant employees to connect via an integration of business phone lines to mobile and home phones.


You immediately get a unique phone number when you register on the platform, and each employee subsequently gets an extension. Users get to call the main business line, and they get to speak to an automated attendant. This attendant eventually connects the users to a specific employee. The system simply connects the caller to the preferred line of the employee at that particular time. Employees are fully in charge of the particular line they wish to receive their calls.


One of the most intriguing parts of the platform is the availability of an automated response system. It simply picks calls from clients and directs them to the relevant recipient in no time. You can also personalize the message that the automated responder gives to clients when they call.



  • You get a unique business phone number assigned to your business.

  • Automated call answering promptly

  • Automatic text messages when you miss calls

  • Users are able to set business hours that limits calls to working hours

  • Voicemail transcription

  • Pre-recorded greetings that can be personalized

  • The android app is available on android and iOS platforms

  • Dial-by-name directory

  • Conference call accommodating 10 participants


Pricing plans

Grasshopper offers three unique pricing plans to users; Solo plan, Partner plan, and Small business plan. The plans come with every feature of the grasshopper platform alongside unlimited minutes. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on each plan.

  • Solo Plan: This plan starts at $29 per month, and it comes with one unique number and three extensions.

  • Partner Plan: This plan starts at $49 per month, and it comes with three unique numbers and six extensions.

  • Small business plan: This plan starts at $89 per month, and it comes with five unique numbers and unlimited extensions.

You can always get additional phone numbers at the cost of $10/ month for each number. Professional cost greetings cost $75 per greeting while porting of phone number costs $30 per number.



  • The platform is quite easy to use

  • Installation is straightforward and simple

  • It doesn’t require any external components



  • Call recording isn’t available

  • Integration feature is limited


Customer care support

This platform offers top-notch customer care support to users looking to make inquiries or lodge complaints. There’s a support team that responds to queries 24/7 on the platform.



Try Grasshopper for Free Here!




2. RingBlaze


The ringblaze platforms offer premium online phone service systems to businesses looking to optimize their sales. It enables you to ensure a quality customer support system while simultaneously boosting your business. Clients are usually interested in business sites where they can get appropriate answers to their queries. Ringblaze helps you achieve this role of solving customers’ queries in real-time.

The platform allows you to seamlessly access your callbox portal, where you get to see various calls from clients. You can then choose which call to answer while also transferring clients to other employees. Ringblaze ensures that you get to listen to calls you missed via a special feature. You can easily track and resolve queries from calls you might have missed.

The platform also makes collaboration easy as team members get to leave notes on calls for other associates to resolve. You get to easily sort your conversations on the platform’s dashboard.



  • Custom phone numbers

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Shared call inbox and contacts

  • Call recording on every call from clients

  • 100 toll-free minutes on the basic plan

  • Voicemail transcription

  • Support for integration with various CRMs


Pricing Plans

Ringblaze has a single pricing plan, the simple plan. The simple plan goes for $19 per user monthly. You get to save 20% off the price when you opt for the annual payment method. The subscription costs $15 per user/ month when you pay annually. Some of the features on the simple plan include;

  • Unlimited calls to US and Canada

  • Free local number

  • Desktop application

  • High Definition (HD) voice

  • Custom voicemail greeting

There’s a free trial on the platform for those looking to test some of the features on the platform. However, there are no free versions of the platform.



  • The platform is user-friendly with its clean and simple interface

  • It has a widget feature that makes accessibility easier

  • There’s a dedicated account manager on the platform



  • Calls disconnect occasionally


Customer care support

Ringblaze offers premium customer support services to clients looking to get answers to their multiple queries. The platform offers support via live chat and email ticketing. The live chat widget is available on your dashboard when you log in to your account on the platform.



Try Ringblaze for Free Here!




3. Nextiva


Nextiva remains one of the most reliable online phone service providers. The platform ensures flexibility and efficiency through its myriad phone service features. Each user on the platform is given a unique number upon registration; you can also port your existing numbers at no cost.

This platform is perfect for businesses that have employees in multiple locations. These employees need an efficient communication system in place for daily operations. The good thing about having a central system in place is that you don’t have to get different providers in each location. Nextiva allows you to control your communications from a central location.

The system can be easily installed within minutes, and the platform is very easy to use. It’s also great that you don’t need to invest in new hardware on this platform; you can always use your existing device. Nextiva also makes it possible for you to schedule your appointments via its built-in calendar integration features.



  • Automated call attendant

  • Personalized phone number

  • Free porting of your existing phone number from other providers

  • High definition voice calls

  • Unlimited video and audio calls


Pricing Plans

Nextiva offers four plans to users looking to register on the platform; the essential plan, professional plan, enterprise plan, and ultimate plan. The pricing varies depending on the number of users on your network. You pay more than the standard fees when you have less than 100 users on your network. There’s also a 7-day free trial if you’re looking to test some of the features on the platform.

  • Essential plan: Pricing for this plan starts from $18.95 per user every month. Features include; unlimited voice and video calls, unlimited internet fax, mobile and desktop apps.

  • Professional plan: Pricing for the professional plan starts from $22.95 per user every month. Features include; unlimited business SMS, unlimited video conferencing.

  • Enterprise plan: Pricing for the enterprise plan starts from $32.95 per user every month. This is the most popular plan, and its features include; video conference and call recording option.

  • Ultimate plan: Pricing for this plan starts from $57.95 per user every month. Features include; automated surveys and customer journey analytics.



  • Customer care support is superb

  • The platform is centralized

  • Nextiva helps optimize businesses using customer data



  • The platform isn’t user friendly

  • Installation takes time


Customer care support

Nextiva makes it easy to communicate with customer care representatives on their platform. The website has a live chat window where you get to lodge complaints and also make inquiries. Customer support is available via live chat, email ticketing system, and telephone chats.



Try Nextiva for Free Here!




4. VirtualPBX


This online phone service provider caters to all businesses looking to enhance their communication experience. Companies and businesses can totally streamline their communications across various locations via this platform. It has some robust and powerful features that make it one of the best online phone services.

There’s an auto-attendant feature; users get to personalize these auto-attendants with their choice voice prompt. You can also place custom greetings when clients call into the business line. The call recording feature on the platform is topnotch. There’s also a CRM integration feature for an optimal experience.



  • Call recording for audio and video calls

  • Auto-attendant with pre-recorded messages

  • Email to fax transcription

  • CRM integration

  • Customized greetings

  • Conference call support


Pricing Plans

VirtualPBX has a variety of plans that suits various business sizes. Flex, essentials, advanced, and enterprise plans fall under the minute category. For those that plan to have unlimited users, there are 300, 500, and 1000 plans.


Flex Plan: The flex plan has pricing that starts at $12.99 per user monthly. Some of its features include;

  • Video conferencing

  • Business SMS
  • Ring groups

  • Unlimited local minutes


Essentials plan: The essentials plan has pricing that starts at $24.99 per user monthly. Some of its features include;

  • Auto attendants

  • ACD Queues

  • Digital Faxing


Advanced Plan: The advanced plan has pricing that starts at $27.99 per user monthly. Some of its features include;

  • Advanced reports

  • Video conferencing

  • ACD queues Pro

  • Call recording


Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan has pricing that starts at $42.99 per user monthly. Some of its features include;

  • AWS storage

  • CRM integration

  • Priority support

Unlimited Users: There are three pricing plans in this category; 300 ($12.99 per month), 500($17.99 per month), and 1000 ($24.99 per month).



  • Users can place and receive office calls from any location.

  • The platform allows the placing of calls even on weekends

  • Customer support is quite effective



  • The platform isn’t quite user-friendly

  • Installation is often tedious for users


Customer Care support

One of the highlights of the VirtualPBX platform is its topnotch customer support system. Users are able to get answers to their queries and complaints within minutes. The support system is also available 24/7 on live chats and many other platforms.



Try VirtualPBX for Free Here!




5. MightyCall


Mightycall is a VOIP system designed for small and medium businesses looking to streamline their communication lines. The platform makes it possible to lodge and track inquiries through a centralized communication system. When clients call in, they are transferred to a virtual receptionist that subsequently directs them to appropriate channels.

The MightyCall platform essentially makes it possible for you to receive calls from various clients without hiccups. Your existing clients and customers get answers to their queries within minutes. This is a good way to ensure that your business continues to grow; happy clients translate to business growth.

The platform also ensures that all of your existing gadgets are connected to your network for an optimal experience. You also get to connect the mobile lines of your team members and employees in no time. The MightyCall platform is intuitive and user-friendly.



  • Porting of existing numbers (mobile or landline)

  • Free mobile apps available on Android and iOS

  • 24/7 virtual attendant

  • Personalized voicemail for each employee

  • Voicemail to text transcription

  • Custom call menu

  • Integration capability

  • Custom extensions


Pricing plans

Mightycall offers three different plans to users; Basic plan, standard plan, and the ultimate plan. Users can pick from any of these plans depending on their needs. There’s also the possibility of upgrading from one plan to another one.

  • Basic Plan: This plan starts at $19.99 per month, and you get features like; 1000 talk minutes, unlimited users, and 2 free local numbers.

  • Standard plan: This plan starts at $39.99 per month, and you get features like; unlimited talk time, call recording, and unlimited users.

  • Ultimate plan: This plan starts at $99.99 per month, and you get features like; unlimited calling, voice-to-text transcription, and unlimited users.


  • 24/7 auto-attendant and virtual receptionist

  • The platform is available as Android and iOS mobile apps

  • User-friendly platform

  • Premium search capabilities for checking of customer data



  • Calls get disconnected at certain times


Customer care support

Considering its efficiency in terms of features, the platform also offers so much in the area of customer care. Customers are able to get solutions to their queries via channels that are available all through the day.

Customer care support is rendered via live chat, email ticketing, and dial-in systems. Users are also not limited by their plans when it comes to customer support; everyone gets equal treatment.



Try MightyCall for Free Here!




6. Ooma


Ooma is an online phone service provider that’s designed for small to medium-scale businesses. The platform is one that can be easily installed by anyone, not necessarily an IT professional. Users are met by an interface that lets them carry out all of their operations with ease.

Asides from the fact that the platform is quite easy to use, it also supports some traditional analog phones. Ooma offers several communication-enhancing features to small businesses looking to improve in this sector.


The platform offers video conferencing capabilities and SMS messaging. The pricing is pretty fair as the entry-level pricing plan costs about $19.95 per month. This makes Ooma one of the most exciting options for small businesses looking for efficiency at an affordable cost.


The platform has a variety of tools and features that ensure seamless calling and collaboration amongst team members.



  • Unlimited calling

  • Video conferencing with up to 10 members

  • Call forwarding and call parking

  • Voicemail features

  • Mobile app for placing and receiving calls

  • Voicemail transcription

  • Virtual call attendant

  • Custom menus and routing options



Ooma has three pricing categories for users; Ooma service plan, Ooma office pro, and the enterprise plan.

Ooma service: This plan starts at $19.95/ user monthly, and some of the features on this plan include;

  • One free toll-free number

  • Mobile app

Ooma office pro: This plan starts at $24.95/ user monthly, and some of the features on this plan include;

  • Every feature on Ooma service

  • Video conferencing

  • Call recording

  • Enhanced call blocking

  • Voicemail transcription

Ooma enterprise plan: This plan goes for $24.99/user monthly, and some of its features include;

  • Features on Ooma service pro

  • Application integration

  • Instant messaging


  • Mobile and desktop app available for users

  • The platform is quite easy to navigate

  • Ooma supports the use of traditional analog phones



  • Phone Configuration is done by Ooma


Customer care support

Ooma offers incredible customer support to users seeking to make inquiries about the product. The platform offers 24/7 support on phone, email, and live chats.



Try Ooma for Free Here!




7. Ring Central


Ring central is a cloud-based communications system that offers a variety of communication tools for businesses. The platform provides businesses with a centralized channel where they can have all conversations.

This platform is particularly suitable for businesses with less than 10 members as they get to save costs. It takes care of all conversation needs for such businesses, from messaging to voice calls.

The ring central phone system is one that gives you utmost reliability when it comes to ease of use. You can also count on the flexibility of its pricing plans; it has four different plans.

Small business owners will be particularly pleased by its relatively affordable entry plan price. Some of the standout features on the platform include; unlimited calling, auto attendants, and call log reports.



  • High Definition (HD) Voice

  • Audio conference calls with up to 1000 members

  • Automated Virtual call attendant

  • Team messaging and text messaging

  • Contact center services

  • Call recording and call queues

  • Call log reports


Pricing plans

Ring central is quite flexible with its pricing plans; this means businesses can choose a plan that suits their demands. There are four different pricing plans, namely, essentials, standard, premium, and ultimate.

Essentials plan: This plan is the entry plan for businesses, and it’s perfect for small businesses with fewer members. The price starts at $19.99/ user monthly. Some of the features on this plan include;

  • Business phone numbers

  • Voicemail-to-text transcription

  • Document sharing

  • Team messaging

  • Unlimited business SMS

Standard plan: This plan is an upgrade on the essentials plan, and it comes with slightly higher features. The price starts at $24.99/user monthly. Some of the features on this plan include;

  • Everything in the essentials plan

  • Unlimited internet fax

  • Unlimited audio conferences

  • Video meeting with more than 100 members

  • Quality of service reports

  • Unlimited users

  • Integration with platforms like slack and Google workspace.


Premium Plan: This is the most popular plan amongst users, and it goes for $34.99/ user per month. Some of the features on this plan include;

  • Everything in the standard plan
  • Automatic call recording

  • Multi-site admin management

  • Advanced call handling with features like whisper and barge

  • Video meetings with about 200 members

  • CRM integration with platforms like Salesforce and Zendesk

  • Real-time analytics


Ultimate plan: This plan starts at $49.99/user monthly. Some of the top features of this plan include;

  • Everything in the premium plan

  • Device status alerts

  • Device status reports

  • Unlimited storage


In addition to these plans, you can get additional benefits for specific fees. Some of these additional features include;

  • Additional toll-free or local number at $4.99/ user monthly

  • Additional vanity numbers at $30

  • Additional international numbers starting at $5.99/user monthly

  • Additional international toll-free numbers at $14/ user monthly or a one-time payment of $25



  • Topnotch ease of use
  • The platform doesn’t require any additional installations
  • The portal can be assessed from anywhere
  • Ring central supports porting of number from previous providers



  • The essential plan does not allow 24/7 customer care support
  • No conferencing tool in the essential plan


Customer care support

Ring Central has an exceptional support team that’s always on the ground to assist users. The support team can be reached via live chat and phone. The platform also has several useful materials that can be helpful to users that need guidance. Support is available 24/7 to every user except those on the essential plan.



Try Ring Central for Free Here!






Businesses rely on proper communication tools to enhance their relationship with existing and new clients. One of the best ways to enhance such means of communication involves the adoption of online phone services.

These online phone services are more reliable and dependable than traditional phone systems. These phone services give your business a whole new dimension when it comes to communication.

Your business gets its own unique number, and employees get to communicate with one another seamlessly. Also, it helps you improve service delivery as customers simply call in to make their queries. This article highlights some of the best online phone services for your business.



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