7 Best Email Marketing Platforms in 2022

email marketing Jan 28, 2021
Best Email Marketing Platforms


Email marketing is perhaps the most practical advertising strategy for independent ventures. As indicated by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing, on average, sees a 4300 percent degree of profitability (ROI) for organizations in the United States. 


This occurs because email marketing is not difficult to manage. It gives you full control and permits you to build up immediate contact with your clients. 


It is essential to comprehend that a ton of your prosperity with email marketing relies on the email marketing platform you pick since they are answerable to ensure that your messages get conveyed. 


If you are not cautious, you will wind up paying significantly more cash for less advertising and horrendous email deliverability rates (which makes you lose much more money). 


A decent email marketing platform should empower you to make profoundly captivating email bulletins with a simple user interface. 


You ought to have the option to send bulk messages customized without doing a ton of work. This is otherwise called marketing automation.


Besides that, your email advertising administration should make it simple to deal with your contact list, section clients into groups, and track the progress of your email promoting efforts. 


Above all, a decent email marketing company guarantees that your email crusades do not wind up in the spam folder. 


Having said that, how about we investigate the absolute most well-known email marketing platforms and how they compare against one another. Just before we start, we need to mention that we are an affiliate of all these platforms, which basically means that we provide you the best possible offer that these platforms give us and instead, if you ever decide to buy any plan from these platforms , we will get a small commission; but this will never affect your cost, and that platform will pay us from their own revenue.


Here is a list of the seven best marketing platforms in 2021:


HubSpot: Best for businesses with a strong focus on inbound marketing.

GetResponse: One of the best email marketing tools with good landing page builder.

Constant Contact: Best platform for small businesses to reach new audiences

Convertkit: Excellent platform for content creators and bloggers.

Keap: Best CRM and marketing automation for small businesses.

Rejoiner: Best platform for ECommerce businesses

Moosend: Best platform for engaging email subscribers.




1. HubSpot


As graduate students at MIT in 2004, Brian and Dharmesh saw a shift in the manner individuals shop and purchase. Buyers were no longer enduring interruptive offers for their consideration — truth be told, they had gotten super great at overlooking them. From this simple shift, an organization was conceived: HubSpot.


It was established on "inbound," the idea that individuals would prefer not to be hindered by advertisers or hassled by salesmen; instead, they want useful information that would genuinely help them. There's this idea that to grow a business, you must be savage. Be that as it may, we know there's a superior method to develop.


One where what's useful for the primary concern is additionally helpful for clients. The organization signs can grow with a heart and prevail with a spirit — and that they can do it with inbound. That is why we've made a stage joining programming, training, and local area to help organizations develop each day.


The MIT alumni understand that to grow a business, you must be savage. Be that as it may, they know a better way to grow. One where what's useful for the primary concern is additionally helpful for clients. They accept that organizations can develop with a clean conscience and that they can do it with inbound. That is why they have made a platform for programming and training to help organizations develop each day.


Today, inbound development keeps engaging organizations around the planet to quit interrupting and start aiding people. This would help companies return their concentration to the benefit of the client. 


Advantage and Disadvantages of HubSpot


  • Indeed, the HubSpot platform has various advantages. HubSpot is an across-the-board stage for everything and anything showcasing deals and client assistance, available on the entire platform. 
  • It incorporates free CRM programming for your outreach groups, advertising computerization programming, email marketing, web-based media, and client support devices. 
  • It is not difficult to utilize, and you can even use it as a CMS for content promoting or to construct your site. 



  • Other platforms offer the same features as HubSpot but for lower prices. 


Payment plans

HubSpot offers three payment plans for its users:



This plan starts at $50 per month and includes 1,000 contacts for its users. This offers various features, such as ad management, live chat, and email marketing. 


To add an extra 1,000 contacts, all the users will have to purchase the professional plan, which will cost them $800 per month. This will additionally allow them to use more features such as optimizing their conversion rates and using various methods to measure their revenue. 


If individuals using this platform require more features, they can opt for the enterprise package, which will allow up to 10,000 contacts for a price of $3,200 per month. This will unlock all the characteristics of the platform and provide users with a wide array of options. 


Try Hubspot here!




2. GetResponse


Simon Grabowski is the CEO and organizer of GetResponse. With just $200 in his pocket, Simon made the principal form of GetResponse in 1998 to take care of a business issue. He created a simple method to construct an email marketing list and send advertisements to clients after certain intervals. The idea functioned admirably that Simon set up GetResponse to carry considerable organizational advancements to independent companies. Throughout the long term, his vision and authority have pulled in a group of more than 300 profoundly gifted representatives to make an imaginative web-based promoting stage known for an extraordinary plan, effortlessness, and an unparalleled client experience.


GetResponse is an email promoting stage. It empowers you to make a significant showcasing rundown of possibilities, accomplices, and customers, so you can create associations with them and construct a responsive and beneficial client base. It has a deliverability pace of 99.5% to ensure your messages arrive at prospective customers' inboxes.


Advantage and Disadvantages of GetResponse:


  • The customer service is excellent, and users receive prompt help when in need. The live chat helps users interact with the members of GetResponse to guide them throughout. 
  • Users can design their projects from start to finish and completely customize everything according to their preferences. With the help of various templates, uniquely developing emails can be done quickly. 
  • The platform has excellent analytics and can help users track their performance and statistics. 



There is no free option for users to try out the platform and check whether it suits them or not. Every first comer must purchase a plan.

  • There are too many options available that can overwhelm users 


Payment Plans

The four payment plans that GetResponse offers are mentioned below:



This plan starts at $15 per month, and users can send an unlimited number of emails to 1,000 subscribers. 


This payment plan can also reach 1,000 subscribers; however, it can help generate more profits and sell more of your products. The plus package is $49 a month. 


For $99 a month and a reach of 1,000 additional subscribers, the professional plan can further optimize your results with smart technology. 


Lastly, the max plan can be customized according to the user's preferences. There is no fixed pricing for this as it is dependent on the list size and a user's requirements. The larger the number of subscribers you add, the more you pay; an estimated amount can be $450, $499, or even $580 per month. 


Try GetResponse here for free!




3. Constant Contact


Constant Contact started from a confined little room in 1995 when its organizers imagined an internet showcasing device that would help independent companies even the playing field against their more significant, more settled adversaries. From that point forward, they have transformed their loft and now work as part of the Endurance Group, which serves more than 5 million independent companies, non-profit organizations, and people. 


Gail Goodman was the president and CEO of Constant Contact for almost 17 years before venturing down and selling for $1.1 billion. She developed Constant Contact, which provides email marketing programming to private companies and charities. The company grew from a pre-income start-up without any products to a large organization with 650,000 clients and an income of $367.4 million in 2015. 


Advantages and disadvantages of Constant Contact


  • The user interface of this platform is easy and quick to use. Non-technology friendly Individuals can create new emails and newsletters within minutes.
  • It is great for email marketing, as it has a variety of templates for users to use.
  • They have a very high delivery rate and can successfully send multiple users' emails without ending in the spam or junk folder. 
  • It can be used for free for the first 60 days so that users can get an idea of the platform and understand whether they want to invest in this platform.



  • The price to performance ratio is relatively high. The newsletter charges a high amount whilst not providing top-quality services. 
  • The platform does not offer high automation that other email marketing companies may offer.


Payment plans

Constant Contact offers two plans to their users, both of which are mentioned below:



The first plan starts at $20 per month and offers unlimited email marketing. It helps in building customer relations and can generate real results for users.

Email Plus:

The email plus plan is for $45 a month and offers a lot more services. It has many features that can engage audiences since it has the options of surveys and polls. As a result, it can provide more significant results for the users. It has much more options for email marketing and can help reach a broad audience. 


Try Constant Contact for free here!




4. Convertkit


Convertkit was founded by Nathan Barry in 2013. Over the years, the Convertkit has established a team of 59 skilled individuals around the world. It is an email marketing company that has been designed for bloggers and content writers. Because of its usability, automation, and different highlights, it is one of the quickest developing email advertising organizations. It likewise offers flexible sign-up structures and presentation pages to help acquire more email supporters. 


Convertkit is easy to use, unique, and its paid plans are decently evaluated. They additionally offer a free landing page plan. It is intended for one kind of target crowd: online creators (like bloggers and YouTubers), which implies that there aren't many online business-centric companies.


Advantages and disadvantages of Convertkit


  • The single list option on the platform is very user-friendly as it helps individuals use tags and segments to group everyone. 
  • People using Convertkit have experienced a rise in their mailing list, which shows that they are successful in what they are doing. 
  • The flexibility and ease of automation use is another plus point for users as it helps them save a lot of time and saves them money as the prices are very affordable.  



  • It is not a beginner-friendly platform as someone new into the email marketing world may find it confusing and difficult to understand all the features.
  • The analytics are not provided, and so users may not know what works best for them.


Payment plan

Convertkit has three pricing plans for users on their platform. Details of each of them are listed: 


Users have the option of signing up for free and will have access to 1,000 subscribers. This plan allows a few features, including sending mass emails, unlimited access to forms and landing pages, and selling digital products and subscriptions.


The creator plan starts at $29 a month and allows access to over 1,000 subscribers. This has the same features as the free plan; however, users will also have access to automated funnel tools and sequences and unrestricted migration from another device. 

Creator Pro:

The creator pro plan unlocks all the features available on the website. For $59 a month, users have access to everything that the platform has to offer. With additional advanced reporting and subscriber scoring features, individuals are bound to reach a wider audience and gain success. 


Try Convertkit for free here!





5. Keap


Keap (previously known as Infusionsoft) was established in 2001 by siblings Scott and Eric Martineau in Mesa, Arizona, with now CEO Clate Mask. In 2004, the organization built up content to mechanize prospective customers, which turned into the establishment of Keap's product range. As of January 2019, the company changed from Infusionsoft to Keap. In February 2020, the enhancements had arisen after the independent venture selling and promoting programming organization altered its name after 18 years of activity as Infusionsoft to Keap and began giving non-tech professional organizations a more modest, streamlined variation of their apps.


Keap is a privately owned business that offers an email marketing platform for independent companies, including items to oversee and streamline the client relationship. It is situated in Chandler, Arizona. 


The organization got $54 million in investment from Goldman Sachs in mid-2013. And over the years, the organization has created more than $125 million in funding.


Keap offers an incorporated email marketing stage for independent venture users. The Keap location can make and host Web structures and connections, execute mechanized missions, track ROI, give customer service updates, data management, and online business functionality.


Advantages and disadvantages of Keap


  • The platform has various features that help users track their performance and send emails in bulk.
  • It is very time-consuming as it is an all-in-one platform that automatically tags people, saving them a lot of time and hassle. 
  • Individuals can also segment their clients into various groups to email them certain things directly.
  • Overall, it is a very user-friendly platform as the multitude of features available helps users immensely. 



  • Compared to other sales CRM, it is not updated, resulting in a lack of sales functionality.
  • A con to the multitude of features can be that beginners often get lost and require help from someone to understand how to go about it. It can be challenging at first when someone is new to Keap. 


Payment Plan

Individuals that use Keap have an option of three different payment plans that are suitable for them; each of them is listed below:

Keap Grow:

For this plan, users will have to pay $56 a month for their first five months on the platform. They will have access to 500 contacts and one user. This plan is best suited for start-up companies and can help them be more efficient by immediately responding to all your clients. 

Keap Pro:

This plan is mainly for developed companies for $105 per month for the first five months. It helps users build their landing page and are great for email marketing. With the use of automation, everything can be a smooth process.


This payment plan is for all the advanced users who require CRM to help them with advanced marketing and sales automation. Users will have to pay $140 per month for the first five months to choose this plan. They will also have access to 500 contacts and one user. 


Try Keap for free here!




6. Rejoiner


The CEO and Founder of Rejoiner are Mike Arsenault. His story begins back in mid-2011. In those days, they were only three companions exploring different avenues regarding fascinating web innovations in Cambridge, MA. For a very long time earlier, they were associates at a SaaS organization in Boston called Consistently, they worked over their change rate, upgraded their information exchange stream, and attempted to sort out what caused such countless individuals to exit their checkout process. It turns out they were battling with a typical issue in eCommerce: cart abandonment.


They looked all over for an answer that would give them more understanding of the matter. They needed something that was not difficult to convey, was savvy, and brought on the guarantee of encouraging them to reconnect with clients who had deserted their site. In the long run, they quite looking and assembled Rejoiner.


Their vision has extended past cart abandonment, and today they work with many eCommerce organizations across all features of their lifecycle of email marketing endeavors.


Advantages and disadvantages of Rejoiner


  • The platform provides excellent customer support and is always available to help users.
  • They have a wide array of email marketing designs, so users have various choices when creating their emails. 
  • Rejoiner is excellent in customer analysis, and they understand the best ways to make decisions according to customer history.



  • The user interface is only available in English, and so users will be unable to write in any other language. 
  • There is no CRM tool available, and so building a clientele can be challenging. 


Payment plan

At Rejoiner, the prices are based upon the number of contacts, so as the number of contacts increase, so does the price. 


Pricing based on contacts:

The pricing at Rejoiner starts from $95 a month with 500 contacts. As your number of contacts increase, users are required to pay more. For example, if you have 50,000 contacts, you will have to pay $695 every month. The platform allows users a lot of email marketing features, optionally managed services, and automated triggers. 


Try Rejoiner here!




7. Moosend


Moosend is an email marketing service provider, outfitting you with multiple features to enhance your advertising game. With this foundation, you can plunge into the universe of email marketing and make the most responsive pamphlets to stun your endorsers.


Nonetheless, sending email crusades is not the only thing that users can do. By utilizing Moosend's best in class, promoting mechanization, you can save time by planning your missions and following their presentation on your beneficiaries' conduct. 


Campaign creation is additionally made simpler. On the off chance that you would prefer to begin without any preparation, Moosend has an assortment of prepared formats. Considering the ease of use and adaptability, their simplified Campaign Editor will permit you to make delightful missions within seconds.


Utilizing their Campaign Personalization highlight will likewise help you use client information to convey customized crusades that will genuinely address your crowd. If you stress over dealing with your email marketing mailing records, users can use the Advanced Segmentation techniques.


 Advantages and disadvantages of Moosend


  • It can make and tweak your layouts, so they are customized according to your preferences. 
  • The support is free of cost. Help is given to all clients by telephone, email, and live chat. 
  • Users have full access to all the features on the platform.
  • The platform has built-in automation and remarkable features that create a user-friendly experience for everyone. 



  • The sign-up forms that users may create for their clients are necessary and require adjustments. 
  • Most email marketing platforms provide training incorporated through videos or step-by-step guides. However, this is not the case for Moosend.


Payment plan

At Moosend, when the number of contacts increases, so does the pricing. 


Pricing depends on contacts:

Unlike many other email marketing platforms, the first 500 subscribers at Moosend are entirely free for all users. However, as the number of contacts increase, so does the price, such as users will have to pay $10 a month for 1000-2000 subscribers. They also offer multiple features to users, such as unlimited mailing lists, various newsletter templates, and many automation options. 


Try Moosend for free here!







Email marketing has been around everlastingly and has proven to be very beneficial. It is the most immediate and viable method of associating with your leads, supporting them, and transforming them into clients. It can genuinely help a person gain momentum once they have started their business and create a loyal client base that can generate revenue.

Users can use many websites and platforms for email marketing; it is best to conduct research and weigh out the pros and cons. 


Every individual's preferences differ, but it would be best to try out a few free trials first to get the system's hang and then dive into paying.


If you ever wanted to know how we determined the ranking of these 7 platforms, here is the answer for you:



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